Who we are...

Laura (28) and Mischa (29)...


... a couple based in Zurich, Switzerland. We always loved to try out different food and explore new restaurants. We’re not culinary experts (yet, hoping to sharpen our knowledge so we can be one someday ;-)). The idea of starting a blog came up when we realized that we tried out new restaurants practically every weekend and we wanted to share our opinion with others.

We kept asking us the same question over and over again (probably everyone can relate to that):


Where do we want to eat?

Our goal is to inspire others and to make the decision, where to eat, easier and simply share our passion, food and photography with other "foodlovies". Born in families with Swiss and Italian roots, who love food (and eating, of course), we both grew up having high appreciation towards food and anything related to it.


Mischa is a meatlover and he can eat almost everything (except cilantro). Laura loves Italian food (of course - she's half Italian). Nevertheless she doesn't like fish and seafood at all (except typical swiss “Fischknusperli”- lol).


We love trying, exploring and traveling. What makes us happy? Bring us to street food paradise and we’re infinitely happy! Our passion about food is not only eating, we also like to cook.


We both love photography and photo editing. We learn by ourselves: watching how professionals do, reading the guide books and until today, we claim that we are still in learning process trying to take better and better photos.


We write in English as we want to reach "foodlovies" all over the world. English is not our native language and we apologize for any spelling mistakes. 

We are looking forward to sharing our pictures and opinions with you and are always happy about a feedback or suggestions.


Feel free to contact us!



 Laura & Mischa