Heart and Soul Food | FREYA

Never heard of FREYA? Then it's about time to check out this culinary hotspot. Actually, it’s our new favourite Lebanese in town! Cécile and Hassan are the two lovely owners who welcome you warmly at FREYA’s. With these two funny birds one can tell: They are in this with their heart and soul. They themselves like to eat and drink of high quality. That's why they only serve dishes and drinks that they love themselves and would offer to their friends and family. The restaurant is chic and furnished in vintage style. Cool accessories immediately catch your attention. Also the super beautiful garden invites you to linger and chill. The oriental-style seating area is super cosy and perfect for a

A little Kitchen Party never killed nobody | Waldhaus Flims

Where’s the best place to have a party? In the Kitchen! We were excited to escape from our beloved city for once, enjoy the nature in the mountains be part of Waldhaus’ Flims second Kitchen Party that took place on August 6, 2019. We were strolling through the Waldhaus Kitchen world, tried and enjoyed some of the delicacies from pots and pans just like at home and were spoiled with fancy drinks and wonderful wine. Sounds dreamy? It was indeed. Renowned guest chefs from the Dolder Kitchen crew prepared the kitchen sceptre and conjured up incomparable delicacies such as Wagyu Short Rib with corn, honey and mustard, Langustino with wild cauliflower and summer truffle, foie gras formed as a cher

A place to surprise, share and inspire | Daizy

Daisy Duck from Duckburg is the personified counterpart to Daizy from Binz. Joyful, colorful, unique. But Daizy from Binz is not a fictitious duck, but a true stroke of luck. The Binz district, a former industrial area and now home to hundreds of offices of well-known companies, is by far not famous as a stronghold of culinary highlights. But crazy Daizy has made it and reanimates this place back to the land of plenty. Plenty of good food and mood. On the ground floor of the Tic, Tric and Trac building, Daizy catches your attention from far with its large window fronts, lots of colors and an eccentric furnishing concept. The former owners of the nearby "G27" have created a modern place of ur

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