The smallest in the world! | Renny’s Chalet

It is winter wonderland season...and what is a must in a typical winter wonderland? A cozy chalet! But where can you find one in the middle of the city? At the Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel! In their 6qm small fondue chalet you can spoil yourself with delicious fondue and raclette this season. It has room for 2 to 8 people and offers a cozy, atmospheric and unique ambience. When we’ve seen it from the outside, our first thought was: how cute! The interior of the chalet is super cozy: there are blankets, lighting, Christmas music and even a "fake fire" that invites you to linger. When you enter the chalet you don't feel like you're somewhere in the middle of the city, no, it feels more like

Finest meat at the lake | Hotel Central am See

This is something that gets all meat lovers excited: Dry-aged beef. The bone-ripened beef has been a cult for some years now and became an integral part of noble steak houses and gourmet shops in larger cities in Switzerland. If you’ve had the good fortune of tasting dry-aged beef then you know that it has a remarkable depth of flavour. Unfortunately for those of us who don’t have a high-end butcher or serious steakhouses nearby, dry-aged beef can be hard to come by. However, with the increasing popularity of this delicacy, more and more non-specialized restaurants are now venturing into this process of meat refinement. One of them is the Hotel Central am See in Weggis, which recently offers

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