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Favourite Chinese in Zurich (so far) | Ach'i

Ach'i is the first Chinese restaurant that became No. 1 in Zurich on the world-famous website "TripAdvisor".

Even now the restaurant is always among the top 50 of the city. A success, which is quite rare. At Achi's, there are 190 specialties on the menu, crazy!

We were spoilt for choice but tried a traditional chinese speciality with beef and a lot of different spices and beef with peanut sauce, vegetables and steamed rice. Soooo delicious....!

Ach'i opened in March 2015 and found a large audience very soon. We also heard that many Chinese guests are always present at Achi's, which is a big compliment for a Chinese restaurant. We can confirm that it is true - when we ate at Achi's we noted some Chinese guests aswell.

The owner pair Lily and Edison are doing their best in this circle 4-located restaurant. They're the first who opened a restaurant in Zurich, which specializes in the north-eastern cuisine of China. There is a lot to discover here. But you also won't miss the classics. Many dishes are also available as a vegetarian version and there are also a lot of different Thai dishes.

Even if the prices in the evening are moderate, the lunch menus are even cheaper. This is how Ach'i has become a "place to be" and the great team is very dedicated, that everything works perfectly. If you're in a hurry, you can even order a take-away menu and simply take it with you.

Ach'i is our favorite Chinese restaurant in Zurich so far - lets see if anyone can do better ;-).


Boiled beef in Chinese spicy sauce: CHF 26.00 (there's enough for two)

Wok-fried beef with peanut satay sauce: CHF 18.00

We were surprised about the moderate prices, which are rarely found in Zurich.


Restaurant Ach'i

Brauerstrasse 4

8004 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 542 88 85

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