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Heavenly Tortellini | Bacco Arth

The restaurant Bacco Arth is a small Italian restaurant in Arth (Central Switzerland) where you can spend a bit of Italian lifestyle with Mediterranean delicacies. In the cozy restaurant, you can enjoy excellent wines from well-known wine regions of Italy.

When we visited the Bacco in Arth with granny Nelly we were lucky to sit on the large sun terrace outside, directly at the lake of Zug. What a stunning view! Laura's known the restaurant for many years as she grew up in Central Switzerland and she always told us that they've got the best Tortellini (Tortellini with cream and ham).

We tried them: simply heavenly!

The restaurant offers a wide variety of pasta, pizza and meat dishes. We wanted to try the whole menu card, as many dishes sounded so tasty!


Tortellini with cream and ham: CHF 23.50

Affordable Italian restaurant with large portions and a beautiful location directly at the lake Zug


Bacco Arth

Zugerstrasse 1 6415 Arth

Phone: +41 41 855 13 51 E-mail:

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