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Japanese Izakaya | Ooki

We discovered the restaurant Ooki by chance as we walked through Zurich-Wiedikon. We didn't book a table and the restaurant was fully booked, but we were lucky to get a table outside. It didn't bother us to sit outside as the weather was nice and the atmosphere outside was very pleasant.

We quickly noticed that the Ooki offers authentic Japanese cuisine. The staff seemed to be Japanese (majority) and we also noticed a few Japanese guests. A big compliment for a restaurant.

We started our culinary journey through the Ookis card with Gyoza with Chicken and Veggies and TakonokarAage (fried octopus).

It went on with four different ramen soups:

The small restaurant is very authentic (the food and the atmosphere aswell). The quality of the dishes convinced us unconditionally. At Ooki you go on a culinary trip and try something that you don't eat every day (especially not in Switzerland).

Ooki we had a blast!


TakonokarAage TEISHOKU (fried octopus): CHF 8.--

Gyoza with Chicken and Veggies: CHF 16.--

Ramen noodles between CHF 22.-- and CHF 24.-- (huge portions! You can also eat for two)

Average price class in Zurich


OOKI JAPANESE IZAKAYA Ramen Udon Sake Zentralstrasse 53

8003 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 461 15 86

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