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Pasta e basta | Pastarazzi

This little restaurant in the heart of Lucerne and near to the famous Kappelbrücke may look insignificant at first glance - but it can do more than it would have you believe.

Founded in 2012 by Markus and Benito, Pastarazzi is a small but very cute and cozy restaurant and take away, which has set itself the task to bring back high-quality products into our everyday eating habits and to show us that good food is worthwhile. The concept of the restaurant focuses on freshness, clear provenance of all ingredients, and dedication to regional, high quality products. Everything is prepared fresh, by hand, using only natural ingredients and no kind of flavor enhancers, artificial colors or preservatives.

The restaurant Pastarazzi immediately grabs the guests attention through an eye-catching deli counter with an open kitchen behind. A pleasant smell of freshly made pasta and the aroma of culinary delicacies fills the air. The decor and atmosphere has an Italian touch with own artistic influences. The service is young and hip with an easy-going manner.

To place your order, just choose between a broad selection of pasta (especially ravioli) at the counter and they will prepare it right away for you the way you like it. If you have decision challenges, they will suggest you a good choice. The ravioli are stuffed with classical fillings like gorgonzola as well as with fancy creations like mangalitsa pig. You can also get gluten and lactose-free or vegan alternatives. The restaurant Pastarazzi also offers fresh piadine or ciabattas with fillings of your choice and a lunch menu, which changes daily.

Luckily the service recommended us to mix different sorts of Ravioli and add a matching sauce (which he helped us to make sure that we choose the right one). Mischa tried the mangalitsa pig and gorgonzola-plum Ravioli with a sage butter sauce and Laura mixed dried bean, herbs-spinach, pumpkin-orange and red cabbage-apple-potato Ravioli with a cranberry butter sauce. The pasta is prepared very quickly and looks fantastic. You can absolutely taste the freshness and the quality of the ingredients and the love and care they put into every dish. If you are a good eater just like us, we recommend an appetizer plate with local specialties, which are beautifully presented at the bar.

If you love fresh pasta and other Italian delicacies, this is definitely the right place to go!


Good price / performance ratio


We recommend to reserve in advance.


PASTARAZZI Spezialitäten & Take Away

Hirschengraben 13

6003 Luzern

Tel. +41 41 211 10 20

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