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Let’s taco‘ bout it | La Taqueria

«Who once ate tortillas, frijoles or tamales and leaves the country, will suffer from homesickness for Mexico», as an old Mexican saying goes.

For those, who have no time for holidays, there is a faster and cheaper way to get your Mexican soulfood. We taco’ bout La Taqueria. La Taqueria is a typical taco shop like those found in Mexico – casual atmosphere, a counter to place your order, affordable prices and especially authentic Mexican food! The cute little house of La Taqueria, situated in a backyard in the middle of Altstetten, is an eye-catcher, which puts an extra gleam in your eyes and leaves the grey daily routine far behind. With its colourful and characteristic decorations, the whole taco shop looks like straight outta Mexico. Everywhere you look you will notice new details and funny things, which makes La Taqueria even more likeable.

The menu consists of everything one would find in a Taqueria in Mexico or Southern California: tacos, taquitos, burritos, quesadillas and also soups, salads and a few casual appetizers.

With all those yummy things, we were really struggling to make a decision. After some heavy minutes of hesitation, we were finally ready to order. We opted for a burrito surfo y turfo filled with grilled beef steak, shrimps, Mexican rice, cabbage and fresh salsa as well as a quesadilla carne asada filled with grilled beef steak, melted cheese, guacamole, sour cream and fresh salsa.

As a side dish to share, we chose the super papitas, which are crispy french fries topped with grilled beef steak, Mexican beans, melted cheese, sour cream, guacamole and salsa fresca and the ensalada cesar, a lettuce salad with crispy tortilla strips, dry cheese sprinkles and a creamy, homemade dressing. The dishes are generously portioned to make sure, nobody has to go home hungry.

Every bite tasted fresh and authentic. La Taqueria gets a large part of their products from domestic sources, this includes their meat (except fish) and most of their vegetables. In order for their products to be authentic, some of their products are imported directly from Mexico. Their tortillas come from a Mexican family business located in Spain. All their hot sauces are homemade and they have also the largest selection of Mexican softs drinks and beers in Switzerland.

La Taqueria is a cool place for each age group to have some food, drinks and a good time for little money. Definitely worth a visit.

Prices :

Starters : from CHF 9.90 to 14.90

Main courses : from CHF 7.90 to CHF 22.90

Desserts : from CHF 3.90 to CHF 6.90

Address :

La Taqueria

Altstetterstrasse 140a

8048 Zürich-Altstetten

Phone : +41 43 321 50 50

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