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Viva Mexico! | Pacifico

The restaurant Pacifico in Luzern has all qualities a good Mexican restaurant needs: delicious food, a cool ambiance and a place to get a killer Margarita!

Although the Pacifico looks rather inconspicuous from the outside, it shines from the inside - the imposing chandeliers glisten on the ceiling, the fire-red color on the walls and the perfectly set tables immediately get you into the mood. Mexican restaurants are typically known for their country-specific decorations, but not so in the Pacifico. It captivates by its elegance.

The restaurant is located in the heart of Lucerne and is by no means an unknown place in central Switzerland. The locals agree: if you want to eat well in Lucerne then definitely go to Pacifico’s.

We were convinced by the same on a Saturday noon. After a warm welcome we could not wait to finally try their food. But first, they brought us their famous Margaritas to relax and smoothern our jaw muscles to be ready for the feast. Guess what? They took us straight to the beach in Mexico. Ay caramba!

The look in the menu took a little longer, as the Pacifico includes a wide selection of dishes. Next to typical Mexican dishes, you can also treat yourself with a juicy steak or spareribs.

On our visit, we could test ourselves across the menu and we first tried the homemade tortilla chips with guacamole. A particular highlight is, the guacamole is freshly prepared right in front of your eyes and you can choose the ingredients of it. We went with tomatoes, sour cream, salt and pepper. It could not be fresher and tastier! Our friendly service explained that they always prepare the guacamole right in front of their guests which we think is a big plus!

Homemade Tortilla Chips with Guacamole

We continued with the great looking Spareribs “Honey Glaze” smoked with hickory-wood in their special oven. The meat fell directly off the bone and the spicy sauce crumbled on our tongues. As a side, we had an oven-fresh baked potato with sour cream.

Spareribs "Honey Glaze"

After that, we tried the beautifully prepared Ceasar’s Chicken Salad with grilled strips of chicken and bacon, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes and garlic bread, served with fresh parmesan and a delicious ceasar sauce, which we would definitely order again – simply mouthwatering!

Ceasar's Chicken Salad

Furthermore, we got the Beef Burger All-In (200g) which is a home-made prime beef burger with cheese, bacon and a fried egg in a sesame bun, cole slaw salad, ketchup and mayonnaise.

Beef Burger All-In (200g)

Beef Burger All-In, Ceasar's Chicken Salad and Spareribs

Lastly, we tried Pacifico’s Chicken Fajitas with vegetables, sour cream, pico de gallo, guacamole, lettuce, grated cheese, kidney beans and flour totillas to mix for yourself.

Pacifico's Chicken Fajitas

Pacifico's Chicken Fajitas

Everything just tasted excellent! The dishes came prepared in a modern way and very nicely arranged. They serve very huge portions, which makes a very fair and reasonable value for money.

We certainly understand now why the Lucerne people are so fond of the Pacifico; the romantically decorated location, the food and the super friendly staff fulfill every demand. We are thrilled about this gastronomy pearl in Lucerne.


Fair, affordable prices and very huge portions!



Pilatusstrasse 15

6003 Luzern

E-Mail: Phone: +41 226 87 87

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