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The hype about burger restaurants in Zurich has slowly subsided and now new restaurants with healthy slow food offers are popping up like mushrooms. The fast food market seems saturated and squeezed out but the cravings remain the same. Where is the variety to all the salads and bowls you can buy at every corner? The holy father brings salvation: praise the Dogfather on Militärstrasse.

Where once the famous restaurant "Ciro" was located, right in the heart of Zurich, a sorely missed restaurant concept has been created. Federico Freiermuth and Joel Ibernini, two graduates of the Lucerne Hotel Management School with many years of gastronomic experience, reinterpret a fast food classic with new fancy creations. In the self-renovated restaurant, which has been pimped up with graphic designs by “Giahi”, the focus is on five different hot dogs with the matching beers.

From “The Original” with sauerkraut and roasted onions and the “Michael Jordan Dog” with homemade pickle relish to the “No Dog” with a vegan sausage and bun. All hot dogs can be ordered with the desired sausage, classic or chilli and loaded with extras such as raclette cheese or jalapeños. Side dishes including country cuts, fried maniok or a house salad as a healthy variant and various sauces, such as the homemade pineapple chutney, can be ordered in addition. To quench your thirst, a recommendation with the matching beers and a menu with delicious drinks is available.

At our visit to the Dogfather, we decided on "The Original" with extra Porter beer bacon bits and raclette cheese, the "El Grafo Zeppelino" with onion-beer chutney and braised white cabbage and the "No Dog" as a vegan variant. With all the trimmings, the sausage has to be really good and should not get lost. The Dogfather attaches great importance to this and obtains as many ingredients as possible from Swiss suppliers of the highest quality. You can clearly taste that. As a side dish, we tried the house salad and the fried manioc. The manioc is a welcome change to the regular fries and tastes delicious. With the right beer or drink to go with, it is simply a perfect affair! Sweets for my sweets, sugar for my honey - for dessert there are mini donuts with fruit coulis, nothing more is needed.

The Dogfather has taken place in Zurich's gastronomic scene and catches the spirit of the time with its modern fastfood concept. With a lot of heart and soul, a good mood and creative ideas, the two boys convince that it doesn't always have to be healthy. A nice tête-à-tête in the backyard, a quick lunch, an evening with friends and family or a warm up before going out in Zurich, the Dogfather offers something for everyone. 


Snacks: from CHF 3.00 to CHF 14.50

Hot Dogs: from CHF 14.50 to CHF 18.00

Dessert: CHF 11.00



Militärstrasse 16

8004 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 241 12 12

E-Mail: welcome@dogfather.ch

Website: www.dogfather.ch

Note: temporary location for two years only

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