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No trash @ CLASH | CLASH Zürich

The Militärstrasse forms a border between the modern Europaallee and the hip and multicultural area of the Langstrasse. In the middle of it all at the former location of the restaurant "Little Italy", a young and fresh gastronomic concept tries to clash the different worlds together and fuse it into a whole new culinary experience.

Once entered, the CLASH takes you back in time and makes sure you won't get bored. Not only the ambience of the eighties lets you guess that it is all hustle and bustle in here, but also a glance the menu reveals, that there is some dancing in the kitchen going on. If you want to enjoy a quiet dinner in a classic ambience, this is definitely the wrong place for you.



As the weekend approaches, the evening food experience at the CLASH is supported by music from DJ's or live bands, who invite you to celebrate or have a drink at the bar later. This creates an informal and casual atmosphere and provides entertainment while eating – and the food does not get a raw deal!

At the CLASH, two young creative minds set the tone in the kitchen and enchant their guests with unusual delights. On the one hand Patrizia Benavides, who has dedicated herself to Japanese cuisine and also worked for the famous Nobu and on the other Patrick Fischbacher, who enriches the western cuisine with his extraordinary creations.

Besides the excellent sushi, the menu offers fine dining creations such as pulpo carpaccio, veal’s cheek or trout tatar, which shows a great interplay of various influences from cuisines around the world. The CLASH can also convince with its lunch menu, which includes salads, various bowls or tasty pasta dishes at a moderate price - available for take away too.

For our dinner at the CLASH, we decided to try the five-course surprise menu. For the surprise menu, both chefs showed their skills and created real surprise moments on the plate as well as in the mouth. Any wishes or preferences can be mentioned in advance, so we ordered one of the menus without fish.

First, we were served a wonderfully smelling and freshly prepared bread with butter and a special salt. So simple, yet so delicious.

freshly prepared bread with butter and a special salt

Then we got an amuse bouche, which consisted of a beef tatar on a tomato essence. This greeting from the kitchen showed us, that there is no fun and games in here. That's real cooking. Simply delicious.

amouse bouche

To start with, we received two wonderful sushi creations, one of them as a vegi variant. The plates not only looked beautifully arranged, but also tasted accordingly. Excellent fresh Sushi, as you rarely get it.

Sushi (Fish Version)

Sushi (Vegetarian Version)

In between, we were refreshed with a fancy drink from the bar.

Next we were served pork belly with asparagus. The dish was simply ingenious in taste and consistency. In our view, one of the best dishes of the menu.

pork belly with asparagus

This was followed by a fish course. More precisely, a crab’s tail served in its purest form. Highest level of taste.

crab’s tail

The next course consisted of veal’s hip “sous-vide” on a reduced pepper sauce. The meat was cooked to perfection and went perfectly with the spicy sauce, which gave it an aroma that couldn't be better.

veal’s hip “sous-vide” on a reduced pepper sauce

After that, there was more meat. A pink roasted beef fillet on ratatouille. Perfect piece of meat with an even more perfect sauce.

A pink roasted beef fillet on ratatouille

Last but not least, of course, was the dessert. Not only a colorful eye-catcher, but also a delicacy in taste. A successful finish.

refreshing dessert

This is fine dining in a different way. An atmosphere of bygone times, cool and easy-going people and creative cooking skills at a high level catapult the CLASH into a real hotspot for everyone who likes things different. CLASH, definitely no trash.


Lunch: from CHF 16.50 to CHF 27.00

Dinner: from CHF 14.00 to CHF 54.00

Sushi: from CHF 16.00 to CHF 139.00

Surprise menu: 3 courses CHF 53.00, 5 courses CHF 78.00, 7 courses CHF 99.00



Militärstrasse 76

8004 Zürich

Phone: +41 43 243 33 10

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