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Ready, Set, Breakfast for everyone! | Kafi für Dich

The Kafi fürDich in the trendy Kreis 4 is a mixture of bistro, bar, café, neighbourhood club, children's corner, cultural center and gallery. The main focus: being together, creating a place of encounter and cosiness and simply enjoy this place with your loved ones.

Kafi fürDich

The traditional but warm interior, the good coffee and the lovely service transforms the Kafi fürDich into a Brunch Paradise – not only for adults but also for children. If the kids need a run-off in between, the Bäckeranlage offers a lot of grass area nearby. It provides a children’s corner where the young ones can paint the walls with chalk or play with one of the many toys while you relax and enjoy their delicious and low-priced Sunday Brunch. No question: On the weekends, this place is extremely popular, especially for parents with children. But it's definitely worth a visit for childless brunch lovers too.

interior Kafi fürDich

Here's why: For me, for you, for everyone - a colourful mixture of guests - students, thinkers, mothers, girlfriends, odd fellows and tourists - to talk, read, for the delicious food or just for the lego's. A place to relax comfortably and to feel at home.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Kafi fürDich offers a great brunch buffet à discretion with a selection of different kinds of bread such as Zopf, Croissants, whole grain breads, home-made dips, eggs, cold cuts, cheese, vegetables, coffee's in all variations, refreshing juices and more. From 9 AM to 2 PM you can simply relax and fill your tummy with the delicious food. Sounds dreamy? Yes indeed, and it only costs CHF 29 – a rarity in Zurich.

different kinds of bread such as Zopf, Croissants, whole grain breads and juices

fresh fruit and lovely swiss Birchermüesli

some cold cuts and cheese

Cereals, yoghurt and cheese

We really cherished the combination of different dishes. Oriental cravings are also satisfied here: There are several hummus dips that really tasted fantastic. But even the American brunch lovers will get their money's worth here - bacon, scrambled eggs or sausages are not missing either…or for the traditional Swiss foodlovies around - there's a giant, soft Zopf with lip-smacking jam or Nutella and a huge variety of cheese – of course. We picked a bit of everything and must confess: we love this place for its openness and diversity – and the delightful, price-worthy and high-quality food.

hummus dips

The Kafi fürDich is definitely a place of getting together. Everyone here get one's money's worth. The little visitors are warmly welcome and it also offers cultural events for the older ones. A wonderful place for a family brunch in a trendy district for everyone and especially: FOR YOU.


Buffet à discretion CHF 29.00


Kafi fürDich

Stauffacherstrasse 141

8004 Zürich

Phone: +41 43 317 91 60

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