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Middle East Atmosphere | NENI Langstrasse

It's not the first time that we write about the NENI - we already tested their great oriental dishes ( and were thrilled to check out their brunch buffet as well.

Brunch! Is it the best meal of the day? We’d say yes, yes it is.

There aren’t many meals we love more than brunch and we’re always excited about trying something new for brunch on weekends. The NENI at the 25h Hotel Zurich leaves nothing to be desired.

interior NENI

interior NENI

The variety of the buffet ranges from salmon to birchermuesli to oriental dips and sweets. Therefore, the brunch buffet is all kinds of amazing. We were struggling to decide what to pick as NENI not only offers typical brunch dishes such as eggs, bacon and croissants.



Scrambled Eggs

different bread

What stands out at NENI? Definitely its Swiss-oriental mix. Dishes like shakshuka, labané and humus not only became increasingly popular in the last year here in Zurich, those dishes are just perfect to start your Sunday off right and are not too heavy…and who could say no to them on a Sunday morning? NENI also offers sparkling Prosecco and juices à discretion - it is included in the brunch, which is a rarity in Zurich.

Tomato, Feta and dips

all kinds of humus and guacamole


juices and prosecco

If that’s not enough you can still order some dishes from their menu. NENI’s numerous brunch options all feature oriental flairs and make it an intriguing place for a less conventional breakfast. In the summer months, visitors can indulge in the fresh dishes in the outdoor area, which almost takes you back to a more tropical scenery. In summer, it is worthwhile reserving a table.

outdoor area

Despite its central location, it is very quiet and comfortable. The fancy interior and outdoor details create a nice atmosphere - perfect for a chilled Sunday brunch with an oriental aura.


Every Saturday and Sunday from 7.30 AM to 2 PM


Buffet with prosecco and jucies à discrection

CHF 45.00 per Person



Langstrasse 150

25hours Hotel Langstrasse

8004 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 576 50 05


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