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A very valuable thing | ButchersTable

From the butcher's counter directly onto your plate; A concept, which is pretty rare in Zurich. What a pity, because nowhere else you know better what you get.

At the ButchersTable, right next to Hegibachplatz, the guest comes first and the much-praised filet last. The showpiece, a built-in butcher’s counter, fits seamlessly into the extremely lovingly designed restaurant and gives the less known but all the tastier second cuts the centre stage. It combines butchery and restaurant in one and lets you plunge directly into New York of the late 20’s with its sophisticated ambience.

ButchersTable interior

ButchersTable counter

The concept is simple and great: Instead of ordering something from the menu, normally without any real idea of the product, ButchersTable lets you select finest meat specialities directly at the counter. Great importance is attached to sustainable meat enjoyment as well as competent and personal advice.

With recommendation of the chief butcher, you can choose between the so-called special cuts such as Outside Skirt, Bavette, Hanging Tender, Teres Major, Flank Steak or the better known Prime Cuts such as Rib Eye, Entrecote or Filet. Besides that, there are also pork specialities of the well-known meat refiner Luma as well as lamb, chicken, veal and even salmon in best quality on offer. Once your decision has been made, the chief butcher cuts and weighs the fine meat as you wish and then sends it straight to the kitchen for preparation.

Hanging Tender, Black Angus at ButchersTable

our choice of meat

In the meantime, an appetizer can be enjoyed, which also remains true to the special concept of the restaurant. It comes as a package (with sides for the meat) and includes a bowl of salad, a marrow bone with additional vodka shot, two vegetable side dishes and signature French fries or rice.

marrow bone and salad

If you do not like marrow bone, you can leave it out with a price reduction. However, we recommend everyone to try it, it is freaking delicious. But the other side dishes are amazing too. We had mushrooms in white wine sauce and spinach with garlic, which were excellently prepared. The signature french fries, which are homemade, were by no means greasy but extremely crispy and tasty.

mushrooms in white wine sauce

french fries

After a short time, the first half of our meat selection was already served on a wooden plate. We went for Swiss Luma Pork and Black Angus Rib Eye. We were thrilled about the quality of the meat. Especially the buttery and tender pork chop surprised us with its nutty and unique taste. The Luma Pork is matured on the bone for 35 days, using a noble mold.

Black Angus Rib Eye

Luma Pork

Then the rest of our selection came in, which took us to a new level of taste. Hanging tender and outside skirt. Two highly underrated cuts, which could not be better. The outside skirt is a chest piece, which has an outstanding marbling and the hanging tender is the supporting muscle of the diaphragm, also called Onglet in French or Nierenzapfen in German. The taste intensity of both cuts is unbeatable. Fleur de sel and lemon halves support the meat experience, although it is hardly necessary at this quality level.

Hanging tender

Hanging tender

Still thinking about this fantastic meat experience, we ended our evening with ice cream and homemade chocolate and cheesecake.

ice cream


homade chocolate cake

Butchery and restaurant at the same time. Back to the roots with today's knowledge. The ButchersTable goes back to the basics by bringing underestimated pieces of meat back on stage. An atmospheric setting and honest, high-quality food makes it an authentic place for everyone who wants to eat meat with a clear conscience. Visit, learn, choose and enjoy. Definitely one of our favourites - Amazing, innit?


Starter: CHF 27.00 / person

Meat: prices depending on weight

Dessert: from CHF 4.00 to 9.00



am Hegibachplatz

Neumünsterstrasse 34

8008 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 577 56 88

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