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Authentic Izakaya | Yume Ramen

Japanese restaurants are no longer a rarity in Zurich, Sushi and Co. can be found on almost every corner. But Japanese cuisine has much more to offer, which is why numerous restaurants are focusing on a traditional Japanese gastronomic concept called Izakaya. These typical Japanese pubs usually offer a large selection of snacks and invite you to linger after work. This trend has also arrived in Zurich for the last years now and has brought some previously unknown dishes to the city. One of the most popular: Ramen.

The Yume Ramen near Europaallee also follows this trend and serves daily fresh and homemade ramen. Most of their ingredients are from local produce - pork, chicken and eggs come from Switzerland. But they also offer a wide array of original modern-authentic Japanese appetizers to share, so-called Otsumami, which are typical for an Izakaya. Additionally, there are also Donburi to choose from. These are rice bowls with meat, fish or vegetable toppings. The relaxed atmosphere of the Yume creates a comfortable setting that allows the food to shine in all its visual glory, while the daily specials keep your palette guessing. Moreover, the bar boasts a pretty large selection of Japanese whiskeys and sake.

We tried several dishes from the menu and started with some delicacies to share. Of course, Gyozas should not be missing. They were served with a vegetable filling and were nicely fried and crispy. Just the way it should be.


In addition, we had Tori No Karaage, which is crispy fried chicken with Yuzukosho-mayonnaise and Maguro no Tataki, seared tuna sashimi with a light soysauce. Both dishes were very tasty and of good quality. As daily special, we had pumpkin with minced meat and fried squid with Yuzukosho-mayonnaise, whereby the fried squid was one of the best soul-food appetizers we had in a long time.

crispy fried chicken with Yuzukosho-mayonnaise

Maguro no Tataki, seared tuna sashimi with a light soysauce

fried squid with Yuzukosho-mayonnaise

For the main course, we decided on two different ramen, the Yume’s favourite with creamy chicken broth and chicken chashu as well as the bestseller, the Tantanmen with spicy sesame flavoured soup and spicy marinated minced beef. Those who like their Ramen extra spicy, can add some hot sauce according to their taste. Once you taste their ramen, you can immediately notice, that a lot of value is placed on quality here. Not only the broth has a lot of taste, also the noodles are extremely tasty.

In the end and after a lot of umami, we also tasted the sweet side of Japan with Dorayaki, Japanese pancakes filled with sweet red Azuki beans and a Yuzu Cheesecake with Yuzu ice cream on top. Oishii!

Japanese pancakes filled with sweet red Azuki beans

Yuzu Cheesecake with Yuzu ice cream

Whether you are in the mood for a steaming bowl of ramen or some other Japanese soul food, you will find an unforgettable taste experience at Yume Ramen.


Otsumami: from CHF 5.00 to CHF 29.00 Donburi: from CHF 31.00 to CHF 26.00 Ramen: from CHF 19.00 to CHF 29.00 Desserts: from CHF 6.00 to CHF 11.00

Address: Yume Ramen Reitergasse 6 8004 Zürich Phone: +41 44 271 72 73 E-Mail: Website:

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