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Italian Fine Dining | Orsini

The legendary Zurich luxury hotel, Savoy Baur en Ville, which stands like a solid rock on Paradeplatz and busy Bahnhofstrasse, is known to many of us. Behind the Savoy, on the beautiful Münsterhof, you will find an ornate gate which leads directly to the in-house restaurant Orsini. When you enter, you are immediately immersed in a Tuscan ambience, which however, comes along very classic and in the typical manner of a grand hotel.

gate to Orsini

The upscale atmosphere is underlined by white covered tables, luxuriant poppies on the carpet and oil paintings on the walls and Italian waiters with bow ties, which act very attentively and cordially.

interior Orsini

"La vita è una combinazione di magia e pasta" - Federico Fellini already knew that. Food has a special significance in Italy and is the hub of family life, turning strangers into friends. The cuisine at Orsini is dignified Italian - they serve authentic pasta classics and lovingly prepared dishes from Italian cuisine. The large menu is complemented by smaller seasonal dishes, which did not make the selection any easier for us. Anyway, while at the process of choosing the delicacy among the delicacies, the courteous service staff offers you various bread from a big basket, which can be enjoyed in the meantime.

We started with a tomato carpaccio with burrata and a Orsini classic: spaghetti with lobster. The dishes were beautifully arranged and tasted excellent, especially the lobster sauce had a great and strong aroma and yet it wasn't too heavy.

tomato carpaccio with burrata

spaghetti with lobster

For the main course, we chose veal piccata with lemon butter sauce, butter noodles and broccoli as well as sliced beef with mushroom sauce, polenta and vegetables. These dishes reflect the experience of the chefs, who have been delivering quality for many years using only the best products. The sauces were perfectly seasoned, the meat tender and the pasta al dente. Everything very harmonious, consistent and straightforward.

sliced beef with mushroom sauce, polenta and vegetables

The service is also a top priority when it comes to serving dishes: the veal piccata was arranged directly at the table.

veal piccata with lemon butter sauce, butter noodles and broccoli

veal piccata with lemon butter sauce, butter noodles and broccoli

veal piccata with lemon butter sauce, butter noodles and broccoli

For dessert, we tasted apple tartlets with vanilla ice cream and a house specialty called „Scodella Dimitri“. This is a unique dessert according to an original recipe by Angelo Conti Rossini, a legendary chef from Ticino. This sweet temptation consists of fresh strawberries, exquisite vanilla ice cream, baked velvety egg custard and a crunchy amaretti crumble as a topping.

apple tartlets with vanilla ice cream

Scodella Dimitri

The refined way of making everything appear very simple and yet serving everything incredibly tasty still distinguishes classic Italian cuisine from all others. This also applies to the desserts at Orsini.

The Orsini has been hosting lovers and connoisseurs of classic Italian cuisine for more than 30 years and still brings the Dolce Vita to Zurich's old town. At Orsini, you are immediately immersed in an authentic Tuscan ambience, which conveys an Italian attitude to life from the very first moment. The lived Italianitá combines pure joie de vivre and Italian cuisine at the highest level.


Starters: from CHF 10.00 to CHF 44.00

Main courses: from CHF 21.00 to 76.00

Desserts: from CHF 14.00 to 26.00


Restaurant Orsini

Am Münsterhof

Waaggasse 3 8001 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 215 27 27


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