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All good things come in threes | Dreierlei

The topic of sustainability and conscious eating is an important issue nowadays, which is also reflected in the fact that more and more restaurants are developing such concepts. However, sustainability is not easy to implement and requires a certain rethinking as well as a creative spirit.

A restaurant that has dedicated itself entirely to this important issue it the “Dreierlei” on Zweierstrasse in District 3 of Zurich. It presents itself creative, extraordinary and yet quite down-to-earth. The lovingly renovated and modern decorated restaurant offers space for a manageable number of tables, which makes the atmosphere cozy and homely. The 3 monkeys used in the logo, which embody the Japanese proverb “Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru”, have also been integrated into the interior design.


Already by looking at the menu it becomes clear that things are different here. The “Dreierlei” is based entirely on the idea of sharing, so you don't have to decide on just one dish – which we know is always a challenge for some people. As the name of the restaurant suggests, you should order at least 3 dishes per person to satisfy your appetite.

All dishes are prepared exclusively with seasonal and regional products. The cooking is done according to the so-called "Nose to Tail" concept, in which the whole animal is used out of respect for nature. For this purpose, whole Pro Specie Rara Bio cattles and pigs are bought.

On our visit the menu was divided into the following categories: Beforehand, to start, to go on, for fishermen, for hunters and sinful conclusion. We decided to try some of everything.

First, we had grain crisp-bread with nettle butter and cornbread with smoked butter and chipotle.

It went on with lettuce with bacon from the Mangalica pig and kombucha, Venere risotto with sherry and almonds as well as a soup with asparagus, poached egg and morel.

These dishes were convincing because of their great creativity and otherness. All the dishes surprised us with their unusual taste combinations and ingredients. They also attached great importance to a nice presentation of the dishes.

For the main course, we tried Swiss salmon with rhubarb and blue potatoes as well as Mangalica pig with potatoes and onions. Besides the use of top products, we were also delighted by the play with different colors, which was set in scene extremely artistically with the salmon dish.

The sinful conclusion was a goat cheesecake with lavender and honey, which in contrast to the typical NY cheesecake was served in an airy and easily digestible way.

The Dreierlei not only cooks with a lot of heart and mind, but also places great value on taste intensity and presentation. The whole concept is underlined by a cool ambience with courteous and casual staff - feasting with a clear conscience!


All dishes from CHF 7.00 to CHF 30.00



Zweierstrasse 114

8003 Zurich

Phone +41 44 548 14 88



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