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Authentic Neapolitan | NA081

There are plenty of Italian restaurants in Zurich and many of them claim to make the best pizza in town. A Neapolitan restaurant, which has opened last year, wants to call this title its own.

Already the name "NA081" underlines the authenticity of the Neapolitan restaurant located at Konradstrasse 71 in district 5. It consists of the letters on the license plates of Naples ("NA") and the telephone area code (081). The kitchen crew comes entirely from Naples too, which creates a genuine Neapolitan flair.

interior NA081

The NA081 focuses clearly on pizzas, however, they also have delicious Neapolitan antipasti and a large selection of heavenly Dolci on offer, which are typical in the region of Campania. All dishes are prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Therefore, the menu changes regularly, depending on the season.

We started with a classic Caprese salad and a traditional dish called “Polpette della Nonna”, which are homemade beef balls with tomato sauce. We especially liked the Polpette in terms of taste and presentation. They were served in a small clay bowl on a rechaud and looked pretty cute.

Caprese Salad

Polpette della Nonna

For the pizzas, we opted for two simple variations, one with buffalo mozzarella and the other with rocket salad and raw ham and parmesan cheese. The pizzas are traditionally prepared in Napoleonic style, so the dough is very airy and has black bubbles on the crust, which is a quality mark of Napoleonic pizzas. We liked the fresh ingredients, but the dough could have been a bit crispier in the middle. That's why we probably wouldn't award it the title "best pizza in town". Nevertheless, everything tasted solid and was of good quality.

pizza with buffalo mozzarella

pizza rocket salad and raw ham and parmesan cheese

The NA081 captivates with authentic Neapolitan cuisine and a relaxed ambience and is a welcome diversion to the Italian food offer in Zurich. The use of fresh ingredients, the classic and genuine preparation and a good price-performance ratio invite to a serene dinner with friends.


Starters: from CHF 13.00 to CHF 25.00

Main courses: from CHF 19.00 to 28.50

Desserts: from CHF 8.50 to 10.50


Restaurant NA081

Konradstrasse 1 8005 Zürich

Phone: +41 43 205 27 93



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