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Brunch "Belle Époque" | Carlton Zürich

Joie de vivre: pleasure, opulence and decadence. The Belle Époque was the golden age of literature, music, theater and surely of exquisite food, which is shown at the Carlton with its new brunch concept.

The “Belle Époque” brunch at Carlton is the perfect thing to escape the hectic hustle and bustle around Bahnhofstrasse and dive into a calming atmosphere of an ornate Art Deco interior. There are various seating areas, all of which have been designed differently and with great attention to detail. From comfortable velvet chairs to long dining tables or opulently decorated round tables. The ambience is underlined by matching outfits of the waiters and waitresses, which with their white lace aprons and gloves, almost look like royal domestic servants.

interior @ Carlton Zurich

The Belle Époque brunch is set up in 3 categories: First there are some classic à la carte dishes like French toast, omelettes, oeuf benedict or hot dishes like traditional “Zürcher Geschnetzeltes” with Rösti or “Wienerschnitzel” with potato-cucumber salad. Then you can choose between 3 different compositions called Healthy, Swiss or Elite, which are served on a golden tray and include various delicacies. In addition, there are also dishes such as beef tartare or crêpes suzette, which are prepared directly at the table.

We decided to order something from all 3 categories. We went for egg benedict and “Zürcher Geschnetzeltes” from the à la carte menu, the Swiss composition on the golden tray and the beef tartare and crêpes suzettes for the personal table show.

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes

the Swiss composition

The dishes are served one after the other, which makes it a cozy and relaxed brunch experience. The highlight was, of course, the preparation of the beef tartare and especially the crêpes suzettes, which is prepared directly on an open flame.

preparation of the beef tartare

beef tatare

preparation of the crêpes suzettes

preparation of the crêpes suzettes

crêpes suzettes

All the dishes were well portioned and nicely arranged, whereby the “Zürcher Geschnetzeltes” and the crêpes suzette we liked the most in terms of taste.

A funny detail is the small rose-gold bell, which is placed on every table next to a sign labeled “Ring for Champagne” – just do it and feel like a royal.

The “Belle Époque” brunch at the Carlton celebrates the golden age to the fullest and creates an environment for a classy breakfast in the middle of the city. It is worth a visit for everyone who loves a sophisticated ambience with private service to enjoy classic French-influenced cuisine - Bon appétit!


Compositions: from CHF 29.00 to CHF 48.00

Présenté à la table: from CHF 18.00 to CHF 39.00

À la carte: from CHF 9.00 to 48.00


Carlton Restaurant & Bar

Bahnhofstrasse 41

8001 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 227 19 19



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