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California Dreaming | NapaGrill

Under the slogan "Californian fine dining", the NapaGrill serves selected meat specialities and exquisite Californian wines in a former brewery of the Hürlimann area.

Napa Grill interior

The historic brick house presents itself in a sophisticated and well-designed ambience. Dimmed light and discreetly placed tables ensure an undisturbed dining experience. At the entrance, you can directly see the wood-fired grill, on which Argentinian Quebracho Colorado charcoal and local beech wood are used to conjure up first-class taste sensations.

wood-fired grill

The NapaGrill attaches great importance to straightforward cuisine and high product quality. The menu is kept small and concentrates mainly on premium beef, which is imported directly from the US to guarantee a high product quality. For selection and refinement, the NapaGrill works together with the renowned master butcher Bryan Flannery in San Francisco, who supplies the most exclusive steak houses and top restaurants in California. Bryan Flannery was named "America's 1st-ever 100-point Butcher" by wine pope Robert Parker in the "Wine Advocate".

Even if the choice of food is limited, you can definitely lose yourself in the wine list. Napa Wine represents over 30 Napa Valley wineries that are on its wine list. This is supplemented by rare verticals of cult wines, older vintages and various large formats. The range of Premiere Napa Valley (PNV) wines is unique in the world, with only 60 bottles produced and auctioned at an annual auction.

We started our dinner with a Californian Crab Cake and a Burratina, which was served with onion confit and olive focaccia. Both dishes were nicely arranged but rather small and minimalist, which you might have to expect from a restaurant in this price range. The dishes tasted good to us, although in our opinion the Crab Cake lacked some spice.


Crab Cake

For the main course, we for sure had to try the Californian Flannery Beef and ordered a Porterhouse steak of 950gr to share. As side dishes, we went for potato gratin, French fries and grilled vegetables, which are charged separately.

The Porterhouse steak was served in a cast iron mold, which was placed in the middle of the table. It was very juicy, taste-intensive and grilled medium rare, just as ordered. The side dishes, also rather small, tasted good. The grilled vegetables were cooked perfectly and the potato gratin had a beautiful crust and a creamy inside.

The Porterhouse steak

For dessert, we enjoyed an apple strudel with Baileys ice cream and our essential warm chocolate cake, of which, despite our already full bellies, everything was gone in record time.

apple strudel with Baileys ice cream

warm chocolate cake

The NapaGrill is a place for connoisseurs and lovers of an extravagant meat and wine culture. The stylish interior, the top service and the upscale ambience provide the best setting for a shared experience of the flavors of the Californian Napa Valley.


Starters: From CHF 15.00 to CHF 79.00

Main courses: from CHF 20.00 to CHF 139.00



Brandschenkestrasse 130

8002 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 289 80 80


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