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Beer & delicious treats | Hardwald Brewhouse

You are an absolute beer lover and have always wanted to not only drink beer in a brewery, but also eat well with it? If yes, then the Hardwald Brewhouse in Wallisellen is definitely made for you. You don't like beer but you're a wine lover? Then the Hardwald Brewhouse is made for you too.

The Hardwald brewery was established in summer 2011 and is located in the middle of the Glattal valley - very close to the Hardwald forest. The Hardwald forms the geographical centre of the Glattal and gave the brewery its name. The brewery offers three different beers all year round: the bestseller "Glattgold", the slightly more distinctive "Urban Ale" and the black beer "Dunkel". They also have two other seasonal beers in their range: the smoky "Sunnekuss" in summer and the cosy "Balthasar" in winter.

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will see the fascinating brewing kettles. These are not the only things that catch the eye: the interior is designed to the very last detail. Little details exactly where they belong to and perfectly coordinated colours. We fell in love with the beautiful atmosphere and design.

brewing kettles

interior Hardwald Brewhouse

They focus on quality and great dining experience in a special atmosphere. We wanted to test that. The menu card was brought to our table as a large plate with magnets! We could move the menus around as we wanted them. A super cool idea. We ordered the lamb carpaccio with two kinds of courgettes, tomatoes and garlic majo and tagliolini with a creamy sauce and black truffle as a starter. The appetizers were not only served on extremely beautiful platters (also here everything fits to the detail), but we also enjoyed them very much. Delicious!

lamb carpaccio

truffle tagliolini

Time for the main course: fillet of beef with pea puree, black salsify, polish roll and shallots confit and Brewer's grains "noble" pig cutlet, parsnip, ham and saffron potatoes. The visual presentation was fantastic; but not only visually, also our palate loved these dishes. The meat was tender and the sides combination was a wonderful match.

fillet of beef

noble pig

As you all know: we love sweets. Even though our bellies were almost bursting we had to opt for the “Two kinds of chocolate mousse” with fruits and fluffy chocolate. The dessert lived up to its name! Fluffy but very taste-intensive - dreamy!

If you would also like to spoil yourself with culinary delights outside the city and enjoy a home-brewed beer with it, we strongly recommend you to visit the Hardwald Brewhouse. Ladina and Dominique do a fantastic job and look after their guests like kings and queens. ;-)


Starters between CHF 18 and 36

Mains between CHF 38 and 59

Desserts between CHF 15 and CHF 24


Hardwald Brewhouse Zwirnereistrasse 22 8304 Wallisellen

Phone: +41 44 830 45 45 E-Mail:



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