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Finest meat at the lake | Hotel Central am See

This is something that gets all meat lovers excited: Dry-aged beef. The bone-ripened beef has been a cult for some years now and became an integral part of noble steak houses and gourmet shops in larger cities in Switzerland. If you’ve had the good fortune of tasting dry-aged beef then you know that it has a remarkable depth of flavour. Unfortunately for those of us who don’t have a high-end butcher or serious steakhouses nearby, dry-aged beef can be hard to come by.

However, with the increasing popularity of this delicacy, more and more non-specialized restaurants are now venturing into this process of meat refinement. One of them is the Hotel Central am See in Weggis, which recently offers exquisite pieces of meat matured for up to 5 weeks in its own dry ager. It is served in its restaurant with a sweeping view over Lake Lucerne.

Hotel Central am See

The offer includes pork chops, ribeye steaks in different sizes and a 1100-gram heavy T-bone steak for the big appetite, which, of course, we opted for. Two side dishes are included and range from market vegetables to fried potatoes or even truffle tagliolini. There are also different sauces, which are however rather unnecessary with meat of this quality.

While our piece was being prepared, we enjoyed two appetizers, which were homemade spring rolls, chicken satay skewers and tempura turnover served with 3 different sauces as well as homemade ravioli with mozzarella vegetable filling. Both dishes were beautifully arranged and tasty.

homemade spring rolls, chicken satay skewers and tempura turnover

homemade ravioli with mozzarella vegetable filling.

Then the pre-cut T-Bone steak was served to us on a tray with truffle taglioni, croquettes and market vegetables as side dishes. As the proper thing to do, we accompanied it with a good Italian red wine. The meat was cooked to the point with a beautiful crust on the outside and a juicy inside. Since our piece had only matured for 2 weeks, it did not yet have this typical, intensely nutty taste like a longer aged one but you could definitely taste the difference to normal meat, which has clearly less deep flavours. Nevertheless, a genuine recommendation for all meat enthusiasts.

T-Bone steak

T-Bone steak

truffle taglioni

Finally, as a sweet balance to the hearty evening, we had a chocolate fudge with fresh fruits and vanilla ice cream.

chocolate fudge with fresh fruits and vanilla ice cream

The Hotel Central am See captivates with its solid and straightforward cuisine, a pleasant atmosphere and a stunning lake view. With its new and exclusive meat selection, it now also becomes a place for all meat connoisseurs and those who still want to become one.


Dry aged T-Bone Steak (1100gr) incl. 2 side dishes: CHF 57.50 / person


Hotel Central am See Seestrasse 25 6353 Weggis

Phone: +41 41 392 09 09



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