A little Kitchen Party never killed nobody | Waldhaus Flims

Where’s the best place to have a party? In the Kitchen! We were excited to escape from our beloved city for once, enjoy the nature in the mountains be part of Waldhaus’ Flims second Kitchen Party that took place on August 6, 2019. We were strolling through the Waldhaus Kitchen world, tried and enjoyed some of the delicacies from pots and pans just like at home and were spoiled with fancy drinks and wonderful wine. Sounds dreamy? It was indeed.

Renowned guest chefs from the Dolder Kitchen crew prepared the kitchen sceptre and conjured up incomparable delicacies such as Wagyu Short Rib with corn, honey and mustard, Langustino with wild cauliflower and summer truffle, foie gras formed as a cherry on potato bread, trout with apple, oona caviar 103 and parsley or black cod with eggplant and miso.

You want to be there too? The Kitchen Party always takes place on the first Tuesday of the month - a true culinary highlight that shouldn’t be missed. Whether it's Sandro Steingruber (Acasa Catering), Julian Mai and The Dolder Kitchen Crew or Karim Schumann (Restaurant Münsterhof), the Waldhaus cuisine is on fire! For CHF 149.00 per person, including aperitif, food and drinks, you will be in food (and wine) heaven - guaranteed.

The very cool thing about it? The kitchen world of the Waldhaus Flims opens up completely uninhibitedly. You can nibble from pots and pans and discover culinary novelties and get inspired by them. The chefs are very friendly and happy to give an insight into the preparation of the dishes and answer all your questions. Is there anything better than looking over the very experienced and talented chef's shoulders and try their freshly made magic?

In addition to many food highlights, one winegrower provides information about his wines. Hot beats from live DJ Renisound, sparkling champagne and cool drinks will make sure that you’ll enjoy this evening to the fullest.

A full belly and a little headache? No problemo! Why not just stay there and relax the next day in the wonderful wellness area in the middle of the forest? Brunch is also highly recommended. A true foodie dream!

With Karim Schumann on 3 September 2019, who cooks at the Restaurant Münsterhof in Zurich, the young generation enters the Waldhaus kitchen. For those who love surprises should mark 1 October 2019 in their agenda - stay tuned and don’t miss it. Tik Tok. It's Kitchen o'clock at Waldhaus Flims!

Prices: CHF 149.00 per person, including aperitif, food and drinks (all you can eat/drink)

Address: Waldhaus Flims Via dil Parc 3 7018 Flims

Phone: +41 81 928 48 48

E-Mail: info@waldhaus-flims.ch

Website: https://www.waldhaus-flims.ch

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