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Authentic Italian cuisine | Osteria Borgo

There are countless Italian restaurants in Zurich, most of them with standard pizza and pasta dishes on offer. Only a few of them dare to serve authentic Italian dishes that go beyond Bolognese or Carbonara.

One of them is the newly opened "Osteria Borgo" in the Niederdorf. The former restaurant "Tre Cucine" has been renovated and reopened with a new concept. It offers homemade, fresh and authentic Italian cuisine and finest wines ranging from Ticino to Southern Italy, which can also be enjoyed by glass, thanks to their Enomatic-system.

Not only the culinary delights are perfectly tuned there, but also the interior looks like something out of a design magazine. The Osteria Borgo appears in traditional rustic style, combined with modern Boho character. The old structures of the building like beams and stonewalls, built in the 14th century, have been additionally exposed and provide a homely atmosphere.

Interior Osteria Borgo by Thefoodlovies

Interior Osteria Borgo by Thefoodlovies

100 grams of Semola flour, 60 grams of egg yolk, 15 minutes of kneading and a lot of love – this is how they make their pasta. They only use fresh and local ingredients for their dishes and attach great importance to sustainability and the reduction of foodwaste.

We started with an Insalata Pugliese and a Polpo alla Calabrese, which were both beautifully served and convinced us in terms of quality and taste. Some starters like the Polpo tend to be smaller in size, so if you are very hungry we recommend that you try several starters or ask the waiter about the size of the dish.

Polpo alla Calabrese by Thefoodlovies

Insalata Pugliese by Thefoodlovies

For the main course, we chose the Spaghettini neri allo scoglio, a sepia coloured pasta with big shrimps and scallops prepared in a white wine sauce as well as Gnocchi di foresta, which are Gnocchi served with chanterelles. The presentation was again extremely appealing and the size of the dishes was perfect - no savings were made on the shrimps either. Especially recommended are the homemade ravioli, which are available with various fillings.

Spaghettini neri allo scoglio by Thefoodlovies

Gnocchi di foresta by Thefoodlovies

Spaghettini neri allo scoglio by Thefoodlovies

The dessert menu is kept classic and does not contain any experimental creations. From Tiramisu to Panna Cotta and Zabaglione, the Osteria Borgo shows itself to be a place where the traditional cuisine is preserved. We had a strawberry Tiramisu and a Panna Cotta, which both were served in a glass - nothing to criticise and nothing to highlight here, simply honest and authentic Italian cuisine.

Panna Cotta by Thefoodlovies

strawberry Tiramisu by Thefoodlovies

The Osteria Borgo is the right place for anyone who loves authentic Italian cuisine together with a good glass of wine in a harmonious atmosphere. As a group, the Tavolata with optional 3 or 4 courses is certainly the right choice for a convivial evening.


Starters: from CHF 10.00 to CHF 22.00

Main dishes: from CHF 19.00 to CHF 55.00

Desserts: from CHF 4.00 to CHF 11.00

Tavolata 3 or 4 courses: CHF 69.00 or CHF 79.00


Osteria Borgo

Niederdorfstrasse 33

8001 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 252 08 70


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