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There are plenty of restaurants in Zurich with a Mediterranean or oriental food offer, but the interaction and fusion of these two basically similar but still different kitchens is a novelty. Now, a small but fine restaurant near the Kunsthaus has recently ventured into this task with great self-confidence and creativity, presenting a healthy and balanced cuisine with attention to detail and great ingredients.

The Salir is located unpretentiously on Hottingerstrasse behind an inconspicuous façade. The restaurant has been newly renovated and presents itself in an elegant, oriental style manner with just a few tables which provide a pleasant and discreet atmosphere.

Interior @ SALIR by Thefoodlovies

The concept is based on fusion fine dining with a focus on rather healthy and balanced nutrition. Every dish wants to share a story and connects the guest with nature. This is why their dishes are strongly based on vegetables and fruit, whole grains, pulses, and nuts as well as healthy fats such as olive oil, lots of fish and meat. These ingredients are paired with Mediterranean herbs as well as a variety of spices from the Orient, which enhance the wonderful taste of the individual ingredients and subtly emphasize them.

We started with a beetroot variation with beetroot, dill, fennel spice, garlic and buffalo milk yogurt as well as a dish called "oriental eggplant" with eggplant baked in chickpea dough with fig chutney. The dishes came prepared with great effort and tasted natural and well balanced.

beetrot variation @ SALIR by Thefoodlovies

oriental eggplant @ SALIR by Thefoodlovies

Next we tried fried octopus with date tomatoes, mint, la ratte - an old French potato variety and dukkah vinaigrette. We also had a warm halloumi salad with pickled radishes, pomegranate seeds, red chicory and za᾽atar-vinaigrette. These dishes showed the beautiful interplay of simple and good Mediterranean cuisine with exotic oriental spices like dukkah and za’atar.

fried octopus @ SALIR by Thefoodlovies

warm halloumi salad @ SALIR by Thefoodlovies

food @ SALIR by Thefoodlovies

For the main course, we tried monkfish with muhammara and "Maltesian rabbit"- a rabbit ragout with garlic, tomato, peas, cooked in a tomato stock. The idea of Mediterranean cuisine with oriental influences was creatively implemented here, but the taste experience was too simple and not sufficiently seasoned. The monkfish was well-done and solid instead of glassy and soft and the tomato stock of the rabbit ragout was not strong and refined enough to enhance the rest of the dish. These dishes certainly require just a little bit of adjustment and refinement.

monkfish @ SALIR by Thefoodlovies

rabbit ragout @ SALIR by Thefoodlovies

food @ SALIR by Thefoodlovies

rabbit ragout @ SALIR by Thefoodlovies

For dessert, we were surprised by the owner's own creations. We were served a lemon cream on a biscuit with Italian meringue, crème patissièr, caramelized almonds and an exceptional and very refreshing homemade basil sorbet as well as a biscuit with chocolate ganache, pistachios and saffron glacé on a crumble. The desserts were definitely one of the highlights, not only were they delicious and creative in matter of taste, but also absolutely beautifully arranged.

chocolate ganache @ SALIR by Thefoodlovies

lemon biscuit @ SALIR by Thefoodlovies

The Salir establishes itself with a young, self-confident fusion cuisine in a quiet neighborhood and takes you on a Mediterranean journey with oriental influences. The healthy nutrition approach with aromatic ingredients creates a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.



Hottingerstrasse 27

8032 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 432 02 02



Starters: from CHF 16.00 to CHF 24.00

Main dishes: from CHF 22.00 to CHF 48.00

Desserts: from CHF 14.00 to CHF 18.00


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