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Ay Ay Captain! | Sir Andrew's

Many of us certainly know the subject of pirates and the fascination of it from our childhood. The new theme restaurant "Sir Andrew's" in Oerlikon lets these childhood memories live up again. With a unique interior design, this restaurant is a small world of experience for young as well as older generations.

Sir Andrew's not only offers an ingenious bar with different pirate style cocktails, but also a simple and tasty food offer with easy finger food options – perfect for a special event with friends and family.

In addition to socializing starters such as chicken stripes or pimientos de padron, there is a selection of hot stones with a choice of beef, lamb or chicken or various meat skewers, wings and spare ribs on the menu. As a side dish, you have the option between different things like fries, sweet potato mash, rice and veggies.

As starters we tried the avocado nuggets and chicken stripes with mango chutney, big chili prawns and pimientos de padron. We also added tortilla chips with homemade guacamole for snacking.

For the main course, we ordered a hot stone with beef filet, chicken wings with BBQ-marinade and a beef skewer.

The dishes were served quite quickly and as a show act, the meat was flambéed directly at the table. They serve it in a rustic and simple way, which makes them ideal for a convivial occasion.

Sir Andrew's restaurant is the ideal location for families and pirate enthusiasts. Pirate decoration, dressed up staff and simple finger food make it a place for any social event, which requires a relaxed atmosphere.


Sir Andrew's Restaurant

Andreasstrasse 70

8050 Zürich

Phone: +41 79 567 36 62


Starters: from CHF 10.00 to CHF 14.50

Main dishes: from CHF 14.00 to CHF 47.50

Desserts: from CHF 4.50 to CHF 14.50


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