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We were super thrilled to be part of a Taste My Swiss City Food Tour and to discover a great city like Locarno not only visually but also culinary.

First of all, what is Taste My Swiss City and how does it work? On a Taste My Swiss City self-guided food tour, you can choose between eleven Swiss cities and explore them in a unique a special way. Just follow recommendations from locals and go on a culinary trip on your own. Per tour you will visit up to six restaurants, bars, bistrots or cafés and taste a local speciality at each location. You don't know what to expect before the tour - it’s a surprise! The tours take around a half a day and can be booked individually or in a group. It's super easy; you book your tour online and get the instructions on the ticket, you follow the instructions and go from restaurant to restaurant (name and address on the ticket). You don't have to worry about which restaurants to go to and find them in advance. Enjoy the day, stroll from restaurant to bar to café and fill your belly with delicacies.

The Taste My Swiss City food tours are bookable in the following cities: Lugano, Basel, Fribourg, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Lausanne, Geneva, Bellinzona, Locarno, Berne, Ascona and Neuchâtel

Highlights of our self-guided food tour in Locarno:

Although the train to Ticino was packed and we even had to stand in the corridor, we had a big smile on our faces and couldn’t hide our excitement. We knew that we could spend the entire day in beautiful Locarno, totally relaxed without worrying about where we want to eat. This is usually the big question that concerns all of us, “Where do we want to eat”?

On the Taste My Swiss City food tour, this decision was luckily taken from us. When we arrived in sunny Locarno, we checked on the ticket where our first stop is and went there.

We enjoyed the beautiful view since we had to walk towards the lake area to get to our first stop: A sweet little café on the lakefront. For the perfect start in the day we got a tasty cappuccino, an orange juice and a brioche filled with jam and vanilla. We could take our time, appreciate the wonderful weather and check out where our next stop will be without rushing.

After a 10 minute walk along the famous “Lago Maggiore” we reached our next location. A beautiful lakeside restaurant in a prime location with a stunning terrace. There, they spoiled us with 2 glasses of white wine and a typical “Ticino platter” with cold cuts and bread. It was very beautifully served and delicious. The perfect appetizer in a modern ambience!

Before we strolled to the third stop we realized that our bellies were already a bit full. Therefore it was very handy that we had to walk for about 15 minutes and digest before continuing with the food. At our third culinary surprise location at the “Piazza Grande” the typical "Ticino style" food experience continued. We tried two different risotto! The portions were huge and the colours gave the risotto that certain something.

Our fourth stop took us straight through the historic old town of Locarno and we even found some hidden gems and did some shopping while getting there, but then we were ready for...Dessert! In a small backyard we devoured a so-called bread cake with vanilla ice cream. Simple but very tasty!

We were bursting full at the end of our tour but super happy. A day with many new discoveries, culinary highlights and surprises. A true eating and drinking experience away from the mainstream: this is how Swiss cities taste when you follow the recommendations of locals. We highly recommend it to our foodlovies; spend a day in a city you don't know yet and combine it with the best thing in the world: food.

Adress/Booking details:

Switzerland Tourism Morgartenstrasse 5a 8004 Zurich Switzerland

Phone: 00800 100 200 29 (free)

E-Mail: info@myswitzerland.com

Website: https://www.myswitzerland.com/en-ch/experiences/cities-culture/citytrips/taste-my-swiss-city/


The price is CHF 65 per person (Locarno tour)

*in collaboration with Switzerland Tourism #ad


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