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The Art of Wagyu & Sparkling Wines | Metropol

Anyone who has tasted Wagyu at least once in their life knows; it's not to be missed. The Metropol restaurant is organizing an exclusive event in this context with focus on the the nose-to-tail philosophy on May 4, 2022, which is specifically aimed at meat and champagne lovers.

We were allowed to get an advance look at the restaurant, the concept and of course taste the Wagyu meat. However, the Metropol restaurant also has a lot to offer besides meat dishes - so it is certainly not only aimed at meat lovers, but also vegetarians or pescatarians.

The interior of the restaurant is rather simple and reminds of a classic hotel restaurant at first sight. The colorful paintings on the walls are supposed to reflect the Japanese touch. The restaurant also doesn't title itself as an “authentic” Japanese restaurant; there is a distinction to be made between authenticity and modern fusion cuisine.

Metropol Interior

Head chef Markus Imboden and his team surprised us during our visit with modern, Japanese dishes and were definitely able to convince us.

The Wagyu Gyozas completely blew us away; crispy and juicy all in one. Simply fantastic. Also the hint of wasabi in the accompanying sauce fits perfectly. The Truffle-Tuna-Nigiri are very consistent and don't trump each other's tastes.

Wagyu Gyozas @ Metropol Zurich by Thefoodlovies

Wagyu Gyozas @ Metropol Zurich by Thefoodlovies

Truffle Tuna Nigiri @ Metropol Zurich by Thefoodlovies

The sushi platter was good, but rather Europeanized. We could tell that this sushi was not prepared by a Japanese "Itamae" master. But it doesn't have to be - it fits the concept. If you are looking for authentic Japanese sushi, this is the wrong place. If you like simple sushi that you can combine with other dishes, this is the place for you.

Sushi @ Metropol Zurich by Thefoodlovies

We were very excited to taste the Wagyu beef in advance. Wonderfully tender, wonderfully marbled - a treat for the palate. For this reason, we can only warmly recommend the event on May 4, 2022 - an experience in a class of its own. Under the motto “The Art of Wagyu & Sparkling Wines”, the Metropol invites you, together with their partners Swiss Premium Wagyu Beef as well as Baur au Lac Vins & Nicolas Feuillatte champagnes, to an unique event at the Metropol Restaurant.

Wagyu @ Metropol Zurich by Thefoodlovies

Wagyu @ Metropol Zurich by Thefoodlovies

The centerpiece will be a Wagyu beef from their partner Swiss Premium Wagyu, presented by master butcher Walti Herger. From the Swiss Premium Wagyu, Chef Markus Imboden and his team will create an exclusive five-course menu (six courses with apéro) that will take up the aspects of the nose-to-tail philosophy and make it a live experience. Also part of the evening are two show cooking interludes and a champagne pairing, selected by world champion sommelier Marc Almert of Baur au Lac Vins. Tickets can be purchased here.

Wagyu @ Metropol in Zurich by Thefoodlovies

However we would also visit the Metropol just for their fantastic Pork Belly. We are not the biggest Pork Belly lovers; but this one has it all. Super tender and perfectly matched. Markus clearly knows what he is doing!

Pork Belly @ Metropol in Zurich by Thefoodlovies

Even though this blog post is dedicated to high quality meat & the wagyu event in May; there are also fine vegetarian dishes like the Sesame Eggplant. So you definitely don't come up short!

If you can't attend the special event on May 4, the Metropol will offer a special menu of a variety of Wagyu dishes beginning May 5. First come, first served. See ya there!





Fraumünsterstrasse 12

8001 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 200 59 00


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