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Time for a change | The Butcher & his Daugther

The Butcher is already well known in Zurich: Healthy as f*** is their slogan and they make burger and meat lovers' hearts beat faster. The Butcher also offers a varied selection of burgers for vegetarians and vegans. Vegetarian and vegan food? Often restaurants in Zurich only offer one vegetarian or vegan option on their menu and we all know, it’s time for a change! The Wiesner family is aware that something has to happen to protect our environment. Every little step makes a difference; and this is how The Butcher & his Daughter was born.

The Butcher & his Daughter is located at Badenerstrasse, right next to the “Bezirksgebäude”. The entire interior has been redesigned down to the smallest detail. From the outside, you don't know yet that inside you’ll find a pretty 1920 dream in pink - with a hipstery touch! The interior is super “instagramable” and we fell in love with it right away. Even the walls make the restaurant very special; you can find neon lights, a big white whale, hairdryers, and many funny little additions...and the bathroom is a highlight too ;-)

The Butcher & his Daughter interior by Thefoodlovies

The Butcher & his Daughter interior by Thefoodlovies

We know the struggle, you are a vegetarian or even vegan and you want to go to a restaurant with your meat-loving friend but the options in Zurich are limited. The Butcher & his Daughter has the perfect solution. They have created a menu that contains both meat and plant-based options and can be put together as desired. For example, you can order the chicken pieces either with chicken or plant-based chicken. Same with the beef tartar; plant-based tartar or beef tartar, whatever you like best!

Plant based chicken pieces by Thefoodlovies

Falafel by Thefoodlovies

During our visit at the opening event, the whole menu was cooked through and we were allowed to taste a bit of everything. We have to admit, we are not yet super-familiar with plant-based food but they really convinced us. Especially the chicken pieces were very tasty - also as a plant-based version. The plant-based beef tartar was amazingly "meaty" and the taste was super delicious.

plant-based beef tartar by Thefoodlovies

Fried Cauliflower by Thefoodlovies

Chicken Pieces by Thefoodlovies

Chicken Wings by Thefoodlovies

Falafel by Thefoodlovies

Besides the mentioned dishes there are also appetizers like taboule, various salad bowls (with and without meat or plant-based), various chicken dishes, and of course: fantastic burgers on the menu. For desserts, they came up with something extra special: a very own marshmallow grill on your table, how cool is that? They also offer a gluten-free and vegan cheesecake, a unique thing in town.

Marshmallow grill by Thefoodlovies

Vegan Cheesecake by Thefoodlovies

Their mission is clear. They love meat but like to replace it once in a while with high-quality plant-based alternatives. To top this: Every Tuesday they are celebrating Planted Tuesday by exclusively serving their plant-based dishes!

The Butcher & his Daughter is the perfect place to unite vegetarians, vegans, and meat lovers, respect each other, motivate each other, not judge each other, and find a way together to create a better world. Even if you only eat vegetarian or plant-based once a week, it makes a big difference. Together, we can make a difference! Let’s make a difference and try the newest, hippest restaurant in town and convince yourself.


Appetizer from CHF 8.50 to CHF 13.50 Salad Bowls from CHF 24 to CHF 26 Chicken Dishes from CHF 26 to CHF 37 Burgers from CHF 23 to CHF 28.50 Sweets from CHF 4.50 to CHF 15.00


The Butcher & his Daughter Badenerstrasse 97 8004 Zürich Phone: +41 44 525 00 85 E-Mail: Website:


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