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Build your Brunch | Zur Werkstatt

Looking for a Brunch Place that's a little out of the ordinary? Where you need a toolbox to start? Where homemade food is a must?

At Zur Werkstatt’s that’s exactly what you’ll get. It’s a special restaurant directly on track 18 in the middle of Zurich. If you take the train to Zurich's main station, you can spot the restaurant from a distance. The interior is dreamy. Everything still smells new! As soon as you step in, you notice that sustainability is a top priority here. With their creative ideas they let you dive into a new world and try something new in the gastronomic scene. Zurich needs a change in the popular brunch szene and Zur Wekstatt is implementing it. One of the creative gastronomic experiences we've tried? The brunch.

interior Zur Werkstatt

Start your breakfast with a toolbox that contains all the tools you need: “Zöpfli”, butter from their own cheese dairy and homemade jam. Their own cheese dairy? In Zurich? Yup! The creative restaurateurs show how dairy products are made - freshly, every day. Amazing.

Toolbox at Zur Werkstatt

homemade cheese!

After you have explored the toolbox at your table, you can go to the cooking station and order various egg dishes as well as hearty and sweet dishes. At the buffet there is fresh bread, a selection of meat and cheese (homemade as well) as well as fresh fruit, various yoghurts from their very own production and everything the heart of a passionate brunch connoisseur desires.


homemade cheese

homemade desserts

Freshly pressed juices and smoothies are also part of the great brunch at Zur Werkstatt. Those who like it exquisite can enjoy their champagne "à discrétion" for CHF 89. If that’s not in your budget; no problem. Their Brunch starts at CHF 38, without egg dishes but with lots of homemade, delicious products. If you still want a delicious omelette, it costs you CHF 10 extra. Brunch à discretion for CHF 48, including freshly made warm dishes, pretty rare in Zurich, huh?

juices, cheese, fruits

eco friendly

coffee and champagne

We extremely enjoyed the brunch and we think it's great that a restaurant in the middle of Zurich makes its own products and has its own cheese dairy! That doesn't exist in Zurich yet. The toolbox is a cute little extra and the concept is really thoughtful. The dishes and products are of high quality and taste fantastic. The Brunch at Zur Werkstatt is a must see for all brunch lovies in Züri. See y’all there!


CHF 38 without hot dishes CHF 48 with hot dishes

CHF 89 with champagne à discrétion


Werkstatt zur Gleistribüne

Zollstrasse 37

8005 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 206 50 60 E-Mail:​ Website:


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