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...sorry we have to!

Please note, that you agree to these terms and conditions automatically by booking us (starts with confirming an appointment). We kindly ask you to read them carefully.


The opinions in these postings are our own or those of our dining companions. No liability can be accepted by the authors arising out of use of this information.


Nor can liability be accepted for translation or interpretation of content, even if due to grammar and punctuation errors.

It's not possible to buy a positive review on our blog. For this reason, we only write about restaurants, that we truly like.


The authors may keep updating old posts on a regular basis and are not bound to explicitly state all corrections made.


These posts include links to other sites. No responsibility can be taken for what is at the end of a link, or for any links made to this site.

In the case of a confirmed written appointment (e-mail, letter, instagram, etc.), the dates are binding and must be adhered to. If we are not informed at least 48 hours before the agreed date about a cancellation / postponement, we charge a fixed fee in the amount of CHF 300. The same applies in case of "no-show" on site.

All photographs on this blog were taken by the authors or provided by dining companions, unless otherwise stated. If you are included in the background of any of the photographs and feel that we have impinged on your privacy, please let us know and we will remove the offending photograph. Alternatively if you want to advertise your presence in a photograph we can do that too.


Any Trademarks or trade names owned or registered by any company and used in this blog are the property of their respective companies.


This policy is subject to change at anytime without notice.

Now, let’s put an end to this lawyer-like talk, and return to the blog. Yummy yummy!

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