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Healthy AF | The Butcher

Homemade quality - with lots of love and passion for good food, every burger at The Butcher is freshly prepared. Quality and freshness, characterized by sustainability and naturalness, are of paramount importance.

Each Burgerpatty is handmade and therefore unique. They only use the best and purest food in the region.

A large part of The Butcher's ingredients are produced with care and with a lot of love for nature in the region or Switzerland according to old craftsmanship. They do not use additives and flavor enhancers for their homemade food. Thus, they offer a healthy alternative to classic "fast food".

Sustainability and quality are more than just fashion concepts for the Butcher. They take responsibility and act accordingly. Sustainable action and thinking are values ​​that are firmly anchored in their corporate values.

  • They live for a sustainable future

  • They are fair to others

  • They work for sustainable growth

The Butcher concept convinced us so we tried the bacon & cheese burger with homemade Butcher Fries & Butcher's favourite sauce.

The products were fresh and in our opinion the burger was delicious! We also loved the homemade butcher fries with the favourite sauce.

Unfortunately it was very dark in the restaurant, so we could not make very good photos - sorry for that.


Bacon & cheese burger (130g pure swiss beef, swiss crispy bacon, secret cheesemix, Butcher`s special light mayo, caramelized onions & Butcher's favorite sauce: CHF 17.80

Homemade Butcher fries: CHF 6.80

The Butcher does probably not offer the cheapest burgers, but the products are from the region and are fresh (and you can taste it). In our opinion the price is acceptable and justified.

The Butcher also offers an all you can eat day (Monday), where you can eat as much as you want for only CHF 32.50!


The Butcher Gotthardstrasse 2 6300 Zug

Phone: +41 41 555 10 00 E-Mail:

The Butcher has 5 different locations (Zug, Zurich and Berne)

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