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Taking off to the Middle East | Babel

Have you visited “the Circle” at Zurich Airport just yet? If not, we can recommend you to do so and make sure to visit the restaurant Babel. Right by the airport; but it doesn't feel like it at all. Upholstered benches with oriental embroidered cushions, Mid-Eastern decorative items and a lively atmosphere with an open show kitchen and Mid-Eastern music takes you straight to the Orient. During the warmer season, Babel’s spacious terrace offers park views to enjoy their culinary treats.

Interior @ Babel

At Babel, we started our Middle Eastern dining experience with Babel bread, finest Epheser oilve oil from Turkey’s west coast, za’atar, homemade pickles and labneh. Labneh is a creamy spread made out of yogurt and has been used already centuries ago by Bedouin tribes in the Middle East appreciating it for being an important source of protein. Intrigued? This is only the start!

Starter to share @ Babel

We continued our dining experience with a selection of hot and cold mezze dishes - in keeping with tradition these are placed in the middle of the table for you and your friends to share and to ensure that you can explore all the different flavors. From zucchini Baba Ghanoush, to rolled traditional grape leaves, Sambousek, Marak Samak and Co., an alluring mix of spices and flavors transport you directly to the Middle East.

hot and cold mezze dishes @ Babel

hot and cold mezze dishes @ Babel

hot and cold mezze dishes @ Babel

hot and cold mezze dishes @ Babel

hot and cold mezze dishes @ Babel

In the middle of the restaurant, placed in their open show kitchen, you meet “Josper”, an elegant charcoal oven roasting meat, fish and vegetables to add a very distinctive, smokey flavor to their dishes. They roast Swiss alpine salmon, duck breast and various vegetables such as cauliflower at over 300 degrees. We were lucky enough to also try their signature dishes: fire roast spiced duck breast, double cut lamb rib cutles and the corn fed swiss spring chicken and must admit; the spiced duck breast was our personal highlight.

fire roast spiced duck breast @ Babel

double cut lamb rib cutles @ Babel

corn fed swiss spring chicken @ Babel

When you think of airport food; you usually associate it with fast food or a lousy takeaway stand. In terms of cuisine, there is definitely room for improvement at Zurich Airport. Babel makes a statement in the right direction; you can now find good food (and a great restaurant) at the airport.

Ready for takeoff!




Restaurant Babel

The Circle 41 8058 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 592 49 00


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