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Asian Twist | SÕKO

We are still captivated by the restaurant SÕKO and find this restaurant a real insider gem. The restaurant is located on Kalkbreitestrasse and looks rather inconspicuous from the outside at first. Inside you will find a small but nice restaurant with a lot of attention to detail, green plants and stylish interior. Very simple but modern.

Interior @ Soko Zürich

Interior @ Soko Zürich

We had SÕKO on our radar for quite some time, and friends kept telling us that we had to try the restaurant. No sooner said than done!

We were greeted with two magnificent cocktails; The Ume Oishi and SÕKO's Sprizzer. The cocktails were very refreshing and perfectly matched the already announced "Asian Twist". The cocktails alone are worth the visit.

SÕKO's Sprizzer @ Soko Zürich

Ume Oishi @ Soko Zürich

After that, we got to try the Beef Shoulder & Shiitake Gyoza and let me tell you, they’re madness. Super crispy and juicy. Also the vegetarian version with Shiitake is extremely tasty.

Beef Shoulder & Shiitake Gyoza @ Soko Zürich

Who knows us knows; we love some good meat. However, we are also very open to meat alternatives and constantly try new products. When we were served the Vegini Tatare with freshly baked sourdough bread, we arrived at Vegan Food Heaven. We highly recommend this dish not only to vegans; but also meat lovers.

Vegini Tatare @ Soko Zürich

Vegini Tatare @ Soko Zürich

Vegini Tatare @ Soko Zürich

Also the dish “Swiss Salmon Ceviche” convinced us completely. We are impressed by the amazing, local ingredients and also that generally very great value is placed on it at the SÕKO.

Swiss Salmon Ceviche @ Soko Zürich

For the main course we were allowed to taste a Grilled Flank Steak, from local meat, of course, and the Confit Pike Perch. The fish comes from the famous Lake Maggiore. The steak was butter tender and excellently served. The acidity was perfect. The fish, on the other hand, blew us away. A feast for the palate. A must try.

Grilled Flank Steak @ Soko Zürich

Confit Pike Perch @ Soko Zürich

The desserts are also worthy of note. Not only beautifully arranged, but the perfect conclusion to a successful dinner.

Sweets @ Soko Zürich

Sweets @ Soko Zürich

At the restaurant "SÕKO" in Zurich Wiedikon, everything revolves around European dishes with an Asian twist for lunch and dinner. At lunchtime, you'll find ramen and weekly lunch specials. In the evening, the kitchen surprises its guests primarily with Asian classics as well as seasonal menus.

Many guests visit the restaurant because of their famous ramen at noon. To be completely honest; forget the ramen and visit the restaurant in the evening instead. The food is excellent and definitely an experience! It would be a shame not to enjoy the very talented chef, Oliver Oberlin, and reduce the restaurant to ramen only. It is so much more than that!




SÕKO Zürich

Kalkbreitestrasse 33

8003 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 300 33 33


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