Happiness from Shanghai | Lè Cuisine

LE (乐) means happiness in Chinese language - and that is exactly what Lè Cuisine spreads all around you when you try their food. With their passion for Chinese cuisine and inspiration from travelling around the world, Jasmine Liu and James Chen successfully launched their restaurant, which has now found its cute little permanent home near Limmatplatz. The Shanghai couple focuses on quality food, serving dishes with depth and lots of Umami.

Restaurant Le Cuisine in Zurich

Restaurant Le Cuisine in Zurich

The menu is kept small and straightforward and the owners are constantly working on new dishes to refine the tried and true. Among them are Shanghai classics like HaiNan chicken or steamed spareribs. Both dishes are fantastically tasty and genuinely authentic: they taste just like the owners know them from their childhood in Shanghai. Also highly recommended are the steamed king prawns with glass noodles, a perfect dish for hotter days as it is a nice light meal and easily digestible - even if the portion sizes are definitely on the larger side.

HaiNan chicken @ Le Cuisine

Glass noodles @ Le Cuisine

food @ Le Cuisine

steamed spareribs @ Le Cuisine

The appetizer creations are also very convincing. For example, the silk tofu with preserved egg, to which the average European may have to get used to, but who dares will not be disappointed. Or the okra salad, bursting with umami and the somewhat finer but no less aromatic steamed scallop, both also extremely tasteful and good-looking dishes.

silk tofu with preserved egg @ Le Cuisine

appetizers @ Le Cuisine

Okra Salad @ Le Cuisine

Scallop @ Le Cuisine