High-end brunch above Zurich | The Dolder Grand

An extensive brunch is a perfect thing for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and more. Especially if it is probably the most spectacular brunch in the city with one of the best views over Zurich.

This lavish brunch can be enjoyed in no less a place than the famous and luxurious Dolder Grand. The noble hotel located at the edge of the Adlisberg forest – a few minutes from the city centre - is considered as one of the top addresses in the world for high-class hospitality and culinary experiences.

The Dolder Grand

Saltz @ The Dolder Grand by Thefoodlovies

Our expectations were accordingly high when we visited the Dolder Grand for brunch on a wonderful Saturday. The brunch takes place in the restaurant Saltz. On warmer days, a large terrace offers outdoor seating where you can enjoy a magnificent view above lake Zurich and the mountains.

The glamourous Brunch starts in liquid form with as much sparkling champagne as you can drink! Food-wise, they start with a buffet that leaves nothing to be desired. Small but fine appetizers and even Oysters à discretion.

Oysters à discretion @ Dolder Brunch

Asparagus Salad @ Dolder Brunch

Chesterbread @ Dolder Brunch

In addition to classics such as Croissants, there is also Beef Tartare, Lentil Salad and Goat Cheese and many other delicacies at the buffet. In addition, each table is served its own etagere with Bread, Salmon, Butter, etc. It's guaranteed that there is something for everyone - and if you want, you can literally eat yourself into a food coma high above Zurich.

Beef Tartare @ Dolder Brunch

Lentil Salad and Goat Cheese @ Dolder Brunch

Buffet @ Dolder Brunch

Furthermore, they will surprise you with a variety of appetizers, warm dishes and sweet dessert creations, served in “flying style”. Selected dishes are also prepared in front of you at the “live cooking stations”.

Beef Fillet @ Dolder Brunch

Flying Dishes @ Dolder Brunch

Flying Dishes @ Dolder Brunch

Dessert @ Dolder Brunch

Dessert @ Dolder Brunch

Dessert @ Dolder Brunch

The DJ will provide the right vibe at this Boozy Brunch with a mix of chill-out lounge and smooth soul music and definitely gets you in the weekend mood.

The exclusive brunch experience at the Dolder Grand is enhanced by a highly professional service, which ensures the well-being of the guest at any given time.

The Dolder Grand is the perfect place to let your week end with a rich and plush breakfast high above Zurich, enjoy the breathtaking view and serenity and let your soul stray away from the daily hustle and bustle in the city.


Every Saturday & Sunday from 12.00am to 4.00pm.

Prices $$$$

(Water, soft- and hot drinks are included in the price.)


CHF 186.00


CHF 128.00


CHF 64.00




The Dolder Grand

Kurhausstrasse 65

8032 Zurich

Phone: +41 44 456 60 00

Bookings: https://www.thedoldergrand.com/en/culinary/brunch/#/booking/step-1

Website: www.thedoldergrand.com

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