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Dim Sum at its best | Mama Liu & Sons

In China, it is common to order several small dishes instead of a single dish.

Mama Liu's legendary Dim Sums are handmade - from kneading the dough over filling with the best ingredients to steaming or frying. More "Mama" is not possible.

We love Dim Sums / Dumplings and during our stay in Vienna, we wanted to know if there is a good Dim Sum / Dumpling restaurant. The many positive reviews about the Mama Liu & Sons convinced us. The place is small but very modern furnished - which we liked very much. Since we felt very comfortable in the restaurant, it did not bother us to wait a moment for the Dim Sums (which is normal - it's handmade and takes a little while and it's absolutely worth it to wait). Once we tried them we could not get enough! They were beautifully shaped and had different colors, which we had not seen before. We only knew the "white" Dim Sums so far. This is definitely the right place for Dim Sum lovers.

We Tried the Dim Sums "Bao Zi" (fried dumplings made from yeast dough, stuffed with roast pork), Ga Li Jao (fried curry-beef dumplings) and Jiao Zi (fried dumplings with vegetarian vegetable-tofu stuffing). Delicious!

If we would live in Vienna, you would definitely see us more often, Mama Liu & Sons!


Attractively priced!

Dim Sum's are between EUR 4.50 and EUR 5.50 (you get 3- 4 pieces) which is extremely cheap, especially compared to Switzerland...


Mama Liu & Sons

Gumpendorfer Str. 29,

1060 Vienna


Phone: +43 1 5863673

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