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Better Pizza | The Italian Shot

I never look at anyone like the way I look at Pizza <3

The Italian shot is a restaurant located in Munich (Maxvorstadt).

By returning to the original traditional preparation with simple and fresh ingredients, they are perfecting the pizza at the highest level. The Italian shot's pizza is made by hand and baked in an oven. The oven was specially made for them by an old Neapolitan pizza oven manufacturer. Quite impressive, huh?

When we saw the logo of the restaurant, we had to laugh out loud. Well known, the Italians often speak with hand gestures and that's exactly the logo of the Italian shot: A typical Italian hand gesture (here's a guide if you're interested to learn the meaning behind some popular Italian hand gestures - lol).

The small place (also a bar) does not offer too many seats. However the location is modern furnished and when you enter this place you can already smell, that fresh pizza comes directly from the oven. Yummy!

Even we were fancy for pasta at first, we couldn't resist and had to order pizza. We tried Pizza "Luis Trinker" with tomato, fior di latte mozzarella, south tyrolean bacon, alpine cheese and fresh chives & Pizza Tartufo with truffle, tomato and fior di latte mozzarella.

The pizza crust is beautifully thin and has this typical stone oven crispness, which puts out a good Italian pizza. The buttery mozzarella pulls threads from the plate to the shirt. Cheesy! The pizzas are huge! They're actually hanging over the rim. You can easily share a pizza (in twos), especially the "Luis Trinker" Pizza, it's extremely fattening but delicious!

The light in the pizzeria would probably be too dim for a shoot. Unfortunately, our photo turned out a bit darkly. Sorry for that!

A real Italian shot! We loved it.


Pizza "Luis Trinker": EUR 10.90

Pizza Tartufo: EUR 15.90

Attractively priced!



Theresienstrasse 40

80333 München

Phone: 0049 89-18914699

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