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Kebab made with love | Ayverdis

The Ayverdi brothers, Ali, Hüseyin and Murti, raise the hearts of kebab lovers - guests from all over Switzerland visit their restaurants to eat the award-winning Ayverdis kebab.

Ayverdi's puts a lot of emphasis on product development. They even created a truffle kebab with a gourmet chef. The bestseller was created within about three months. The swiss magazine "Blick am Abend" even made a survey: "Where can you eat the best kebab in Switzerland?" Readers voted and agree: at Ayverdis.

We tested the "classic" kebab with fries and we were thrilled: This is definitely the best kebab we had so far! Next time we'll definitely try the truffle kebab. The fries were super delicious too. We would like to know what kind of spice they use for the fries because we simply loved it.

Due to the high demand, the family is now opening another Ayverdis restaurant at the Schlotterbeck site near Albisriedenplatz in district 3. The opening is planned for April 2018 and the restaurant will offer 120 seats.

Ay will come back soon! ;-)


Phenomenal prices; the classic kebab costs only CHF 12.-- and the Fries CHF 7.--

The truffle kebab is a little more expensive but we heard it's definitely worth it: CHF 24.--



Genossenschaftsstrasse 18

8050 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 545 30 44

Ayverdi's currently has 2 locations in Zurich (soon 3).

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