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Chinese Brunch Paradise | Lucky Dumpling

Lucky Dumpling is a restaurant located in Zurich and offers authentic chinese cuisine. The food is freshly prepared with regional ingredients and without flavour enhancers. If possible, they always use local ingredients: the vegetables come from a regional cultivation and their meat is supplied in 1A quality by suppliers from the Zürcher Oberland.

We felt honored when Angel, the owner of the Lucky Dumpling, invited us to introduce her new brunch concept to us. Angel specially travelled to China for the Lucky Dumpling's new brunch concept and got inspired by chinese street food. She picked out the menus she liked best and brought them to Zurich. Couldn't be more authentic!

How does the LuckyBrunch work?

The Chinese tapas are served in small portions just like in tapas restaurants. They can be combined according to desire, appetite and mood. Large portions can be ordered for an extra charge of CHF 6.00.

The brunch card offers a huge selection, including the famous dumplings. Dumplings are an invention from ancient China. They were filled with medicinal herbs and lamb meat. To this day, dumplings gained popularity in other countries and are prepared in many different ways. They can be combined wonderfully!

We were allowed to test the whole brunch card and we were truly inspired by the concept. Combine, share and enjoy. We tasted e.g.: Hao You Beef (beef, oyster sauce, vegetables), JingJiang Pork (3 pieces of breadflat, pork, cucumbers, leeks), Sweet & Sour Cucumber (Sezuan pepper, Sezuan chili) and of course the super delicious Dumplings!

We love the new brunch concept and can only recommend it. Especially when you want to brunch with several friends this concept is just perfect. You can choose different dishes and share them. You can tell that the dishes are freshly prepared. Simply delicious! The small restaurant is very homely and sweetly decorated. The service also convinced us. Super friendly, helpful and accommodating.

Thank you Angel and the whole Lucky Dumpling team for literally spoiling us!


Chinese tapas between CHF 9.00 and CHF 16.00, Baos between CHF 5.00 and CHF 16.00 and Dumplings between CHF 9.00 and CHF 16.00.

The portions are large, freshly prepared and incredibly delicious. The price is more than justified. A very good price / performance ratio!


Lucky Dumpling

Langstrasse 10

8004 Zürich Phone: +41 43 317 94 74 E-Mail:

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