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Food cure | apoTHEKE

apoTHEKE is a cozy lunch coffee bar located in Zurich. Before apoTHEKE opened its doors, cozy cafes and bars lacked in this beautiful district (circle 7) and it offered only a limited supply of high quality fast food. apoTHEKE wanted to remedy that. At the inviting THEKE you can not only enjoy the finest Italian coffee or get a delicious lunch, but also meet for a beer, glass of wine or a drink. The crowd of guests consists of a colorful mix of students, professors, residents of the neighborhood and coffee lovers – everyone is welcome here.

Their dishes are homemade and processed by them consistently without flavor enhancers and additives. Cooking is done according to their own recipes and without the use of convenience products. They attach great importance to the quality and origin of their products. That's why they only source fresh, preferably regional and seasonal ingredients from traders of their trust.

When we visited apoTHEKE we truly felt and tasted that. We came into the apoTHEKE from the snowy street in circle 7 in Zurich and we felt right at home. The staff greeted us with a friendly smile and we felt that everyone was there with heart and soul. We visited apoTHEKE on a Friday and the place was jam-packed! Everyone wanted to eat lunch there, so we already knew, this must be an amazing place.

We tried the homemade cannelloni, a leaf salad with honey mustard dressing and a tomato-leek quiche. In addition an apetizer plate with cold meat cuts and cheese. The Cannelloni have absolutely stunned us. Even an Italian Nonna, like Laura’s, would absolutely love the Cannelloni as they are heavenly. Also the quiche was incredibly delicious and we would love to have the recipe of the honey mustard dressing…so good! The aperitif plate tasted freshly and we noticed that the products are regional.

apoTHEKE does not only offer lunch; you are welcome for breakfast, coffee and cake, dinner and drinks as well. The location changes from a cozy café in the morning to a trendy lunch place and to a funky bar in the evening. They also have a salad bar with many ingredients to choose from, as well as homemade hot Paninis, which is not found anywhere else in the area (you can also take away all meals). Also, there is no other restaurant in this area that offers specialty coffee and specially trains its staff (Barista training).

We wanted to try their special coffee and we must admit; we found a new favorite coffee spot in Zurich! The homemade cake (apple-cinnamon cake) was incredibly tasty and the coffee was lovingly prepared and decorated.

We also really liked the location. Simple and modern, with individual, very well placed details. You just have to feel good while being here! That's why we choose the title "Food Cure" - after a visit here you just feel fantastic.

Thank you apoTHEKE and your employees for having us and for doing an amazing job and congratulations, you are one of our new *HOTSPOTS* in Zurich. We'll be back soon!


Panini’s starting from CHF 7.50

Quiche’s: CHF 7.40

Cannelloni: CHF 15.00

Apetizer plate: CHF 16.50

Homemade cake: CHF 4.50

Very low prices and GREAT quality! Due to the young audience with a limited budget the prices are very moderately and fair.


apoTHEKE Lunch Kaffee Bar

Zürichbergstrasse 17

8032 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 260 82 82

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