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A taste of Shanghai | Wesley's Kitchen

Have you ever heard something about Chinese tapas? No? Then better don’t stop reading now…

If you are fed up with boring and tasteless Chinese food, you better go and have a look at Wesley’s Kitchen on Josefstrasse. Wesley Qian, the namesake and owner of Wesley’s Kitchen, came straight from Shanghai in the early 2000 to keep our taste buds up to date and to show us how authentic Chinese street food is made. Wesley’s mother “Li” ran one of the most famous restaurants in Shanghai, which led him to learn the preparation of traditional dishes from China. With his fresh, authentic and creative creations, he met the tastes of his guests. Wesley was hailed as a rising star of Chinese gastronomy. Now, he sets new standards at Wesley’s Kitchen with combining Asian and European cuisine and giving traditional Chinese dishes a Western flavor.

Wesley’s Kitchen is a rather small place with about 20 seats, but the atmosphere is very homely and familiar. A small passage leads to the back of the restaurant, where you find another seating area. On warm days, you can sit on the terrace and enjoy your meal. All meals are also available to take away.

The dinner menu is based on the motto “Try it, share it, enjoy it”. There is a varied selection of small dishes with meat, fish and vegetables. Of course, they also offer their famous Shanghai Baos, which are steamed dumplings with vegetables or meat fillings, for an unbeatable price of CHF 2.20 a piece.

We decided to test a little bit of everything across the menu. So we ordered Peking Dumplings, 12 pieces with Chinese cabbage and and pork filling, Crispy Beef, which is boiled beef in batter, Chicken Taiwan Style, which is chicken with ginger and chili, Crispy Shrimps with garlic and Soy Meat Pieces with crispy tomatoes.

Crispy Shrimps with garlic

Crispy Shrimps with garlic

Crispy Beef

Crispy Shrimps with garlic

Soy Meat Pieces and Peking Dumplings

The dishes came prepared in a modern way, which gave them a smooth and very dainty touch. Everything tasted authentic and lovely.

All we can say is: Cool location, friendly staff, good food and reasonable prices.

Go and try it out yourself!


Sidedishes/Chinese Antipasti: from CHF 5.50 to CHF 20.00

Warm dishes: from CHF 15.00 to CHF 21.00

Desserts: from CHF 4.50


Wesley’s Kitchen

Restaurant & Take Away

Josefstrasse 48

8005 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 542 88 91

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