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The Dolder Grand enjoys an exceptional location on the heights of Zurich city and offers a wonderful view on the city itself and on the lake. It is internationally considered as one of the best hotels in the world and a perfect place to recuperate.

The Dolder Grand is not only known for its excellent accommodation service but also offers a memorable culinary experience. It is not easy to re-invent cuisine, but there are always new variations on an old theme and that is precisely what the Restaurant Saltz at the Dolder Grand does. It impresses with a cozy and frisky atmosphere. It gives you a different perspective on things and lets you think outside the box. The restaurant Saltz, which was designed by artist Rolf Sachs, plays with elements of Swiss mountain landscapes and local cultural references. It combines natural materials such as salt, rock and felt with modern neon lights and thus creates an exciting interplay between history and present. An imposing 500kg rock from the Swiss Alps, which is attached to a red climbing rope and a big wall made of salt crystals, thereby form imposing eye-catchers.


The cuisine of the Restaurant Saltz, which is awarded with 14 Gault-Millau points, is a treat, offering a genuine glimpse of regional traditions, using local ingredients to dishes with authentic taste. Julian Mai, Chef à la Carte, surprises with straightforward simplicity, based on an unaffected, urban perspective. The menu includes a mouthwatering assortment of cosmopolitan, but also typical regional dishes. Of course, we once more had a hard time making a decision. We then finally decided to start with the burrata “Panzanella” and the kale taboulé with cucumber, sheep’s cheese and cranberry.

Burrata Panzanella

Kale Taboulé

As a main course, we both opted for a choice of the grill essentials. We tried the black angus beef fillet and the welsh lamb racks with creamed black salsify, potato-leek puree and Saltz fries as side-dishes.

The Restaurant Saltz prepares their meat specialties and "special cuts" on a 600-degree hot grill and partly carve them live at the table.

To top this all, we treated ourselves with finest pastry and confectionery artwork.

Everything was incredibly tasty and of elegant purity. We were stunned by the quality and the beautiful and natural presentation of the food.

The gourmet restaurant Saltz at the Dolder Grand inspires with its design and a plain cuisine. The food selection matches the ambience: fresh, modern and with a local touch. The exquisite service and the well-mixed guests provide a relaxed atmosphere. On warmer days, the panoramic terrace invites you to enjoy an outdoor lunch or dinner with a fantastic view.


Starters: from CHF 18.00 to CHF 42.00

Main courses: from CHF 32.00 to CHF 195.00


The Dolder Grand

Restaurant Saltz

Kurhausstrasse 65

8032 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 456 60 00

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