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Zurich's beautiful guild houses and their hearty and regional cuisine have really whetted our appetite. Therefore, we were very curious about our visit to the oldest craft guild of Zurich, which was also the first one with its own restaurant. The stately and distinctive Zunfthaus zur Saffran is located directly on the Limmatquai opposite the city hall. It was built in the 18th century and still adorns the city today with its original splendour. As an event location, the Zunfthaus zur Saffran provides an extraordinary setting for festivities. The beautiful and historic premises offer space for events such as aperitifs, birthday parties, weddings or business dinners.

History of the guild house “Zunfthaus zur Saffran”:

The guild house’s earliest recorded history dates back to 1383, when 18 individuals bought a building on the land where it now stands. Five buildings preceded the current building. The construction of today’s building in the style of the Régence, an early form of Rococo, began between 1719 and 1723. The building exhibits typical architectural features from its era such as its facade, which includes cornices and columns. In the mid-19th-century, the building was also used as an improvised post office. The latest renovation was completed in 1995. The big guild hall on the first floor, the small guild hall, and the White Rose hall on the second floor are available for visiting.

Since the Zunfthaus zur Saffran doesn't run a public restaurant, we felt even more fortunate when we were allowed to have a private dinner in the small guild hall. The stunning hall with its original wall paneling, historic tiled stove and stuccoed ceiling provides the perfect atmosphere for any kind of event. We loved the stylish furniture, the sumptuous table decoration as well as the fresh flower arrangements. The fantastic view of the Fraumünster and the Limmat underlines this beautiful ambience.

The Zunfthaus zur Saffran puts much emphasis on traditional and seasonal cuisine as well as regional produce. They prepare their dishes freshly and with loving care. The menu offers classic Zurich style dishes, such as “Züri Gschnätzlets”, traditional Swiss dishes based on the guild culture, and their own culinary creations with Mediterranean influences.

We enjoyed a 4-course menu with a selection of their signature dishes. First, we had an aperitif consisting of a beautiful arrangement of pulled chicken burgers and tomato mozzarella sticks. This was accompanied by mini cornets filled with beef tartare. These little bites tasted really yummy and the beautiful and creative presentation was a blessing for our eyes.

The menu started with a salmon tartare with an avocado brioche and herbs. The salmon tartare was very fresh and light and went very well with the sweetness of the brioche. Everything came beautifully arranged on a slate plate.

We continued with Saffran's ravioli filled with mascarpone and basil and an egg yolk on top. This dish was a real eye-catcher due to the bright colours of the components and the plate. It was additionally decorated with black truffle and truly a dream in combination with the liquid egg yolk.

The next course is a recommendation of the house and one of its signature dishes. A veal cutlet served with sage, butter, saffron risotto and seasonal vegetables. The cutlet was perfectly roasted with a tender and juicy inside. The risotto was wonderfully creamy without losing the necessary bite. The delicious gravy gave the dish a special touch. A true guild dish.

A warm chocolate tartlet with a soft core, double cream, berry coulis and icing sugar rounded off the menu. A sweet pleasure, which gives you real sticky teeth.

The Zunfthaus zur Saffran offers an high-quality ambience, good plain cooking and a lot of passion and dedication for the preservation of a real pearl of Zurich. A unique mixture of tradition and creativity and a venue for events at the highest level.


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Zunfthaus zur Saffran

Limmatquai 54

8001 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 251 37 40

E-Mail: info@zunfthauszursaffran.ch

Website: www.zunfthauszursaffran.ch

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