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A farmer's feast | Blasenberg

Once you have reached Blasenberg, you will be enthralled by the overwhelming view over Zug and the Lake Zug. This beautiful place is the home of the Limacher family, where they run a 200-year-old farmhouse and host guests in the restaurant Blasenberg. This family business has existed for 65 years and is now managed by the third generation, which combines tradition with new ideas.

Wirtschaft Blasenberg

View over Zug

The restaurant Blasenberg is a typical, rustic and traditional country inn, where you immediately feel at home. The menu is simple and mainly offers regional dishes. The meat such as lamb, rabbit or turkey is sourced from their own farm. However, they are known for the breeding and preparation of a delicacy that is not so well-known in German-speaking Switzerland: the capon.

A capon is a castrated rooster, which is slaughtered between 8 and 10 weeks old. Castration makes it grow faster and the meat more tender and fine-fibred. He is mainly used in the fine cuisine of France, where he also often decorates the Christmas table.

The Limacher family has been breeding and serving capons for about 30 years. The animals grow up on their farm in a species-appropriate manner. The many years of experience is also reflected in the extremely good and fresh quality of the poultry. The capon is only available on advance order, because the preparation takes a lot of time - it is first marinated overnight in a homemade marinade and later slowly cooked in the oven. The capon is perfect for a multi-person event, as one of it is sufficient for about 4 to 5 people.

The house speciality was first presented to us as a whole and then disassembled and served on a platter. The neck and liver are also prepared and served separately if someone does not like it. As an appetizer, there is a simple green salad. The capon is accompanied by saffron risotto and homemade French fries, which come from a farmer friend who specially plants a field with suitable potatoes.

whole Capon

dissassembled Capon

Saffron Risotto

The capon had a golden-brown crust and was therefore spicy and crispy. The meat was very juicy and had a special aroma. The saffron risotto was heavenly and would have been enough as a side dish. The French fries tasted good too, but are needless as a further side dish. The capon has a lot of meat on the bone and the side dishes are served à discretion, so the four of us were really full afterwards. A proper feast.

For dessert, we enjoyed a homemade strawberry rhubarb tiramisu and a nut parfait. The desserts were simple and tasty and rounded off the delicious food.

homemade strawberry rhubarb tiramisu

nut parfait

The restaurant Blasenberg not only offers a breathtaking view, but also impresses with its fresh and regional cuisine. By the preparation of their own products, the guest knows exactly, what is dished up to him. This is an enormous advantage. The restaurant is a real recommendation especially for hikers or cyclists. The house speciality, the capon, is perfect for festivities with several people. With much love and charm, the Limacher family enchants their guests and makes their experience unforgettable.


Capon menu (incl. starter and side-dishes): CHF 41.00 / person (from 3 persons)

Only on reservation


Restaurant Blasenberg

Blasenbergstrasse 4

6300 Zug

Phone : +41 711 05 44

(Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday)

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