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The world-famous hotel chain “Marriott” is not only a leader in the hotel business, but also surprises again and again with unusual gastronomic concepts. This also applies to the Marriott Hotel in Zurich, where two culinary temples enrich the city. The Zurich Marriott Hotel is located in the middle of Zurich, opposite the Platzspitz, and its two in-house restaurants are equally appealing to different customers. In addition to the well-known Thai restaurant "White Elephant", you can also experience real Swissness under the same roof - in the restaurant eCHo.

The restaurant eCHo stands for Swiss cuisine with authentic recipes, just like grandma’s. They offer a culinary journey through Switzerland with a focus on local specialities from various cantons and will bring you closer to the art of contemporary Swiss cuisine. Their dishes are presented in a fresh, modern and innovative way and refined with a touch of Swiss traditions. At eCHo, the urban way of living merges with local customs in terms of design, food and drinks.

Pre-tasting of the new spring menu

Since we are also big fans of Swiss cuisine, we were even more delighted, when we were invited to the exclusive pre-tasting of the new spring menu. We were warmly welcomed by Sia (Siavash Radmand), the restaurant manager, as well as by the marketing manager, Vera Hager. In an adjoining room, separated from the main room by a curtain, we were seated at a huge table in the middle of the room. The room offers space for private events. The large table is a real eye-catcher, because it was made from a huge tree trunk and you sit on milk cans.

For the pre-tasting we were served the planned dishes of the new spring menu by the chef, Tommy Götzfried. We could give our own opinion on the dishes on an evaluation card, which then were taken into account for the launch of the new spring menu. We were served real Swiss classics as you might only know them from home: Surselver Capuns, Ticino "Alta Terra" herbal risotto with rabbit, Puschlaver Pizzocheri or classic beef stew are just a few of them. Ingredients are also used that may have already been forgotten, for example the “Belper Knolle”- a kind of hard cheese with garlic and a pepper coating. The tuber is produced in the small village of Belp, Switzerland. It goes perfectly with pasta or other starch dishes. We were thrilled about the tasty dishes and shared our opinions and suggestions.

Launch of the spring menu

The finished spring menu was launched on 21 March 2018. We were eager to meet again in the restaurant eCHo. This time, we could dine in the front part of the restaurant, where we got two seats with the best view - in the gondola in the middle of the room. Yeah, you heard right. The 143kg gondola is by no means a dummy or replica. Built in 1982, it was in operation for many years in Mellau and transported hikers to the Rossstellealpe. Now the gondola shines in new splendour and fulfils its original purpose in the eCHo restaurant.

When we made ourselves comfortable in the gondola, we looked forward to the new menu. We decided to order an already tasted dish from the pre-tasting and a dish unknown to us. So, we could try almost every dish on the eCHo menu.

To start with, we had to try the excellent Surselver Capuns with chard, Grisons meat, Grisons raw ham, Salsiz and mountain cheese again as well as the eCHo Tatar with beef, capers, red onions, baked egg yolk and eCHo bread, which we tasted for the first time. The Capuns takes your breath away. It's like coming straight from a Grisons kitchen. The beef tartare is one of the best to enjoy in Zurich. The homemade eCHo bread is excellent and replaces the boring toast. Two wonderful plates that make you want more.

For the main course, we ordered the Puschlaver Pizzocheri with potatoes, root vegetables, Sbrinz foam and Belper Knolle and the cordon bleu from the “Wandelerhof” beer pig, “Limmattaler” raw ham, Natürli "Sternenberger rezent" cheese and potato-pickle salad. The pizzocheri are incredibly tasty and a welcome variety in combination with the Belper Knolle. The cordon bleu was literally a gift. Besides the heavenly taste, it was also creatively arranged - namely with a blue loop around it.

Last but not least, we didn't miss the chance to test two delicious desserts. Again here, the creative vein of the kitchen team was noticeable. We enjoyed a incredibly delicious plate of three kinds of Ovomaltine and a home-made popsticle. A real eye candy for all sweethearts and just yummy.

We are really impressed about the authentic Swiss cuisine in the restaurant eCHo - many try it, the eCHo does it. The restaurant eCHo guarantees Swiss cuisine with numerous traditional delicacies. Chef Tommy Götzfried uses seasonal and regional products to prepare his dishes, and guests can look forward to enjoy Swiss culinary delights in an authentic atmosphere. The relationship with local suppliers, including meat, milk and cheese, is excellent. Local products are offered and partly self-produced, like the in-house Swiss wine, gin or honey. The own cow “Gretli” - yes, it really does exist on Alp Hinterhuismatt in Canton Nidwalden - is responsible for the popular Gretli cheese. Great theme gastronomy for everyone at an unbeatable price.


Starters: from CHF 15.00 to CHF 24.00

Main courses: from CHF 26.00 to CHF 47.00

3-course menu with welcome drink, 3 courses from the menu and coffee for only CHF 59.00

Wine buffet: all you can drink for CHF 21.00


Restaurant eCHo

im Zürich Marriott Hotel

Neumühlequai 42

8006 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 360 73 18

E-Mail: info@echorestaurant.ch

Website: www.echorestaurant.ch

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