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Vegetarian Vibes | Hiltl Langstrasse

The name Hiltl is the epitome of vegetarian cuisine. It is not only the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world, but also one of the most innovative in terms of diversification. Since 1898, Haus Hiltl has been personally kept and cared for by the Hiltl family and will hopefully continue to be so for many years to come.

Although the Hiltl has remained true to vegetarian food, it always tries to appeal to a wider clientele. Whether with an even larger selection of vegetarian food, unusual room concepts, integrated nightclubs or, most recently, a modern restaurant with its own bicycle-drive-through in the middle of the Kreis 4.



Hiltl's new coup is the Hiltl Langstrasse, which sets new accents on Zurich's wild nightlife mile and skillfully integrates itself with an adapted eighties look interior, street art on the walls and ceiling as well as a food counter for the marginalized.



The unique bicycle-drive-through is not only a joy for sporty Zurichers on their early way to work, but also serves as a contact point for the starving ones and underdogs. People in need are able to collect the leftovers at their "window with heart" from 9.30 am to 10.30 am. What a great action against food waste!


When it comes to the food concept, Hiltl remains true to itself and places a huge buffet on a glass floor, which offers a direct view into the lower level and thus into the in-house Club Perle.


Club Perle

In addition to the well-known Hiltl buffet, you can also enjoy an extensive brunch buffet on Sundays and public holidays at the Hiltl-Langstrasse. The brunch lasts from 10 am to 2.30 pm and includes classics such as Zopf and various jams, cheese and egg dishes as well as warm dishes and desserts, which you may already know from the famous Hiltl buffet. The large selection of the buffet allows you to feast to your heart's content. The Hiltl Brunch is a perfect way to start your day with friends or family; with its huge selection, there is definitely something for everyone - whether salty or sweet, hearty or light - no one is missing out here!








traditional Zopf and Bread
Cake Cake Cake

When we went to the brunch at Hiltl-Langstrasse, we were surprised by the variety of vegetarian dishes. The buffet not only looks wonderful - it also tastes fantastic. So, we took the time to try a little bit of everything. A truly nice alternative to a normal brunch. We loved it.

no meat tatare - so yummy!

some coffee and sweets

We can recommend everyone to try the alternative brunch at Hiltl-Langstrasse and you will see, it does not always need meat. Equally convincing is the young and modern atmosphere, which invites you to linger, have a drink at the bar or just meet with friends. Another successful concept by Hiltl and a real enrichment for the multicultural Kreis 4. Definitely one of our hot spots in Zurich.


Brunch-Buffet: CHF 4.50 / 100g


Hiltl Langstrasse

Langstrasse 84

8004 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 210 10 84

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