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BBQ Party | Hiltl Akademie

The top floor of the Haus Hiltl makes all foodlovies hearts beat faster. This is where the Hiltl Academy, a cooking studio with a fully equipped kitchen and a feel-good atmosphere for shared enjoyment, is located. Founded in 2007, the Hiltl Academy offers cooking courses, cooking events, kitchen parties, further education, special workshops or even yoga lessons.

Hiltl Akademie

In convivial company and under the guidance of professional chefs, you immerse yourself in the diverse world of vegetarian cuisine and experience the preparation of well-known Hiltl classics as well as new creations. Together, the finest vegetarian specialties are prepared and then enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere. The overriding emphasis is on experience, fun and pleasure.

Temperatures are rising, life is shifting outside - finally barbecue season! To impress our guests at the next barbecue party, we attended the course "Grill-Party" at the Hiltl Academy. Kathy and Wolf, two top chefs, warmly welcomed us with a delicious welcome drink and introduced us to the concept of the Hiltl Academy.

After an exciting introduction, we were divided into groups of 2 to cook 7 different dishes, which can all be prepared on the grill. For the processing of the ingredients we could rely on the help of several kitchen utensils as well as of the helping hands of the coaches.

Our menu consisted of a whole roasted Zhatar cauliflower, paneer tikka skewers, Thai Tod Man, Teriyaki Portobello mushrooms, tarte flambée, eggplant with yoghurt sauce and pomegranate and the Hiltl burger.

preparing smoked tofu for tarte flambée


Tod Man

eggplant with yoghurt sauce and pomegranate

checking the ingredients
cauliflowers and eggplants

We were responsible for the preparation of the tarte flambée and the Portobello mushrooms. We learned how easy it is to make a dough for the tarte flambée or to create a delicious marinade for the mushrooms. Along the way, we got to know more about products such as paneer or galangal from the Asian cuisine.

preparing the dough


serving the tarte flambée

portobello mushrooms

The highlight of this evening was the following barbecue, the common tasting and comfortable gathering on the big terrace of the Hiltl Academy.

eggplant with yoghurt sauce and pomegranate

the tasty Hiltl Burger

We had a great evening, learned a lot about vegetarian cuisine, met great people with the same passions and above all recognized that variety is worthwhile.

Information and bookings:

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Cooking courses between CHF 70 and CHF 200


Hiltl Akademie

Sihlstrasse 24

8001 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 227 70 13

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