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Brunch & Float | Summer-Brunch-Cruise ZSG

What could be more romantic than gently bobbing up the Lake Zurich while having a Sunday brunch? The ZSG Summer-Brunch-Cruise is a great way to take in breathtaking views, to relax with family, friends or your partner and do the most beautiful thing in the world: Eat.

The Summer-Brunch-Cruise cater to almost any appetite with fruits, sweets, savory and egg brunch options. It includes a buffet comprising of typical Swiss dishes, which lets you enjoy Lake Zurich as you slide across the water.

MS Panta Rhei

lovely view

The Summer-Brunch-Cruise starts every Sunday from June 3rd until September 30, 2018 at 10.30 AM at Bürkliplatz in Zurich. We recommend being there a little earlier, as the Summer-Brunch-Cruise is always very well booked. The cruise, which lets you float over Lake Zurich bears the name MS Panta Rhei and is separated into two classes (first and second class). You can buy your tickets in advance accordingly on their website. The route takes about 2.5 hours – enough time for a great start into a lazy Sunday.

We enjoyed our brunch in the beautiful first class but have to admit that the view is truly lovely in both classes. Once sat down comfortably, one is welcomed with orange juice, coffee or champagne. Of course, we enjoyed the full program and went for all three of them. As we chatted and enjoyed our drinks, the MS Panta Rhei gently docked off. We adored the stunning view over Zurich, the Alps and the turquoise blue water of the Lake Zurich. While daydreaming, the staff set up the brunch buffet and we could not wait to fill our tummies with the delicacies presented. The brunch buffet is a mix of Swiss favourites (like a variety of bread, croissants, traditional Swiss "Birchermüesli", a selection of cold cuts, cheese and fruits) and popular brunch dishes (eggs, bacon, sausages and ham).

cold cuts and salmon



fresh bread and croissants

salmon, cheese and fruits

However, we recommend to maintain restraint as they have a nice dessert buffet which you definitely do not want to miss! It offers different mousses and cakes and not only looks but also tastes delicious.

dessert buffet

The brunch buffet has everything you need - if you love a simple but tasty brunch with a stunning view around the Lake Zurich, this is definitely the place to go.



(from 12 years) CHF 45.00


(from 6 years) CHF 22.50

In addition, you need a regular ZVV ticket.

Valid ZVV zone ticket: Day pass 110 + 140 + 141 + 142 or 110 + 150 + 151 + 152

GA, Half-Fare, Junior and Children's Ride Ticket are valid.


ZSG, Zürichsee Schifffahrtsgesellschaft

Mythenquai 333

Postfach 624

8038 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 487 13 33


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