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Breakfast at the factory | Rüsterei

A good Sunday brunch sometimes asks for a nice get-together with friends. Sitting together at a table, eating and having a good time is a nice thing - if the ambience is right. How would you like a brunch at an old paper mill?

A restaurant, a bar or a canteen, the Rüsterei is all in one. On top of that, there is a brunch buffet every Sunday, embedded in the industrial ambience of the former paper mill, with lots of visible concrete, high windows and enough space and air. The interior design of the Rüsterei was designed by artist Heinz Julen, who has retained the old charm of the factory. Large tables create a relaxed atmosphere and invite you to enjoy a brunch with family or friends.



The brunch in the Rüsterei is presented as a buffet and offers cold and warm dishes. You can find brunch classics such as various cheeses, cold cuts, salmon and antipasti as well as muesli and various yoghurts.

The warm dishes range from scrambled eggs and bacon to sliced veal Zurich style and even white sausages. The sweet mouths are delighted with numerous desserts such as mini pancakes, crème brulée and other delicacies.



various bread

Warm drinks, several fruit juices and a glass of prosecco are included in the brunch. The buffet is not overdone and offers nothing extraordinary – just what you need.


The brunch at the Rüsterei is popular with large groups and families with children, as there is plenty of room and space. There are bright places directly in front of the large windows as well as darker, more discreet places for cosy togetherness. An early reservation is recommended.

The Rüsterei offers a brunch without bells and whistles, but with a lot of charm in a unique and urban atmosphere. The perfect place for a cool and casual Sunday gathering.


Every Sunday from 10.00am to 2.30pm.


Buffet, hot drinks and juices à discrétion

CHF 55 per person

Kids between 6 and 12: half price




Kalanderplatz 6

8045 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 317 19 19

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